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Karate Kong
Karate kong large
Karate Kong's artwork from the game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.

Residence(s) Pineapple Kingdom
Species Kong

Affiliation(s) Dread Kong,
Sumo Kong,
Ninja Kong,
Ghastly King/Cactus King (formerly)
Powers/Abilities Martial arts skills
Enemies Donkey Kong (formerly)
Game(s) Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
First Appearance Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (for Gamecube) (2004-2005)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (for Wii) (2008-2009)

Karate Kong is an old, yet powerful Kong who is the second Kong boss and is overall the sixth boss in the game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. So far, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is the only appearance he's made in the Donkey Kong (series) as the King of the Pineapple Kingdom. As the name implies, Karate Kong is skilled with the ancient art of karate.

Physical Appearance[]

Karate Kong is an ape that has a long purple robe with a black belt around his waist, and a white beard and white tied skinny pony-tail like hair, he as black eyes with red eyelids and tan skin, in terms of size, he is around the same size as Donkey Kong.

Boss Battle[]

Karate Kong is the ruler of the Pineapple Kingdom, the sixth kingdom Donkey Kong ventures through, the battle takes place on a log that is on a fast moving river. Despite his age, he is a skilled fighter, capable of dodging Donkey Kong's strikes with ease and doing very powerful karate chops, Donkey Kong must avoid both karate chops so he can couter Karate Kong and do major damage on the Kong, once he lose about one-third of his HP, he gets a new attack, being able to do fast moving high kicks, he will slow down and attempt to trick the Player so he can do two fast moving kicks, the Player must avoid all three of his kick sweeps in order to for Donkey Kong to counter Karate Kong and do a major beat down on him in order to do damage. Despite his skill, Donkey Kong still manages to defeat Karate Kong on the log raft they were battling on.

Karate Kong later appears with the other Kong Kings (Dread Kong, Ninja Kong, Sumo Kong) at the end of the game ceremony since it seems that Ghastly and Cactus King put a spell on the Kong Kings so they celebrate and honor the victory over the Ghastly King/Cactus King instead of attacking him.


  • Many fans consider him one of the most annoying bosses in the game, due to his unpredictable attack pattern, and how he can trick the player easily.
  • Karate Kong is the only Kong (besides Sumo Kong) encountered in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat who wears any type of clothing.
  • Karate Kong bears a slight resemblance to Cranky Kong.
  • Karate Kong resembles the character Gen from the Street Fighter game series. Both characters appear to be old and wear purple.
  • Karate Kong is known as "Kong-Fu" in France, a similar name to Kong Fu, an exclusive character from the Donkey Kong Country animated series.