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ExitIsNearSign Kannon's Klaim ExitSign
Kannons klaim
World(s) Crocodile Cauldron (in DKC 2)
Krem Cauldron (in DKL 2)
Type Mines
Music Theme(s) Kannon's Klaim (in DKC 2)
Hot-Head Bop (in DKL 2)

Bonus Room(s) 3 (in DKC 2)
1 (in DKL 2)
Notable Feature(s) It is the first mine stage in both games.
Enemies Encountered Neeks, Kannons, Kruncha (only in DKC 2), Klomps (only in DKC 2), Zingers, Flitters, Mini-Neckies
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest,
Donkey Kong Land 2
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (for SNES) (1995)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Country 2 (for GBA) (2004)

Kannon's Klaim is the second stage of the Crocodile Cauldron world in the game Donkey Kong Country 2, the second stage of the Krem Cauldron world in the game Donkey Kong Land 2, as well as the eighth stage overall in both games. In both games, it is preceded by Hot-Head Hop and followed by Lava Lagoon.


The level starts on a long wooden walkway, with an Arrow Barrel near the Kongs, and a DK Barrel right above it. After you take out two Neeks, you then encounter another Arrow Barrel near the edge, but you also see an arrow of bananas, indicating a Bonus Barrel is nearby. It is easy to reach with Dixie's Helicopter Twirl. After winning the Bonus Level, launch yourself up to the high platform, which will have a hook in the air, and a Kannon, who shoots barrels at the Kongs. There is also a Banana Bunch to your left, which is easy to get with your Team Up move. Take Kannon out, and fire yourself up with the Arrow Barrels. The next platform has two more Neeks, but there are also two TNT Barrels to take them out, but there is later on a Kruncha. Use a TNT Barrel on him to defeat him, then proceed by blasting yourself forward with the next Arrow Barrels, in which the Letter K is found.

The Kongs then find themselves on a small platform with two Klomps. Defeat them, then enter the Blast Barrel above to reach the platform, which has another Kannon. After getting rid of him, enter the next Arrow Barrel to find a Flitter, and a Zinger circling it. After carefully bouncing off the Flitter, you jump into a Blast Barrel, which fires you into a few lines of bananas, and back to the previous Arrow Barrel. Go left to find another Flitter, then jump on him to reach the next Arrow Barrel, which launches you into two high Blast Barrels, then onto a platform with a TNT Barrel. Use it to take out the next Kannon, or let the enemy fire a barrel so you can reach the Letter O above the left edge, then proceed.

You get onto another platform with a Klomp, and later another Kannon. Jump on him, then into the Arrow Barrel, with launches you onto a higher platform with a DK Barrel and a Star Barrel. Use the DK Barrel to release your partner and take out the Zinger, then launch yourself out of several Arrow Barrels while avoiding Zingers. The Arrow Barrel on the right fires you to a long platform with a TNT Barrel and a Mini-Necky. Avoid the Zinger after that and reach a higher platform, which will have the next Bonus Barrel to the left. After getting to the next platform, jump into the next Arrow Barrel when the Zinger is out of the way, which fires you into a Blast Barrel, followed by another Blast Barrel, then another Arrow Barrel. Get to the left platform without getting touched by the Zinger, then use the next TNT Barrel to defeat the Kannon enemy. Fire yourself out of several Arrow Barrels until you reach a platform with another Mini-Necky, and to your right, another platform with a Diddy Barrel, and the Letter N above it. Only Diddy can enter it, and the barrel will fire you into 3 Blast Barrels, and back onto the previous platform.

Go to your left and enter three Arrow Barrels with a Zinger flying nearby, and reach the next platform. There are Barrels being fired from a distance. Jump on them, or use Dixie to reach the platform to your right. Right after defeating the Kannon, enter the next Bonus Barrel. After winning the thrid Kremkoin, the Kongs fall onto a long platform bounce off two Mini-Neckies, a pick up a treasure chest, and use another Mini-Necky to break the chest and obtain the Letter G. You jump onto another platform with a Mini-Necky, defeat him, and the End of Stage Target is there. A Mini-Necky will help you jump high enough to get the barrel to smash the prize, ending the level.

Bonus Levels[]

  • The first Bonus Barrel is found to the right of a banana arrow. Simply use Dixie's Helicopter Twirl to enter. The level is a "Find the Token" minigame, which features Diddy & Dixie Barrels, which only work for the Kong in the lead. Blast yourself upward with these special barrels until you get to a long platform with the Kremkoin.
  • After reaching the platform after the first Mini-Necky, roll/spin and jump to reach the Bonus Barrel to your left. The minigame is another "Find the Token". All you have to do here is jump into the first Arrow Barrel and get to the top platform with the other Arrow Barrels, then collect the Kremkoin.
  • The last Bonus Barrel is found on a platform with a distant Kannon. After taking him out, enter the barrel, and you will compete in another "Find the Token" minigame. You simply have to jump on a few Flitters to reach the platform with the Kremkoin.

KONG Letters[]

  • Letter K: In between the two Arrow Barrels after defeating the Kruncha.
  • Letter O: Found above the left edge with the Kannon. You must jump on one of his barrels to reach the letter.
  • Letter N: Located right above a Diddy Kong Barrel near the second Mini-Necky.
  • Letter G: Found in the Treasure Chest on the platform with Mini-Neckies.



  • In Donkey Kong Country 2, except for the stages in the Lost World, it is the only stage where the DK Coin is found inside a Bonus Room. However, opposed to the stages in the Lost World, the DK Coin is not the prize for clearing the Bonus Room within a time limit.