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Yoshis Island DS Past and Present Kamek
Future Kamek stealing Baby Bowser from his past self, as seen in the game Yoshi's Island DS for DS.

Homeland Koopa Kingdom

Residence(s) Bowser's Castle
Family Kammy Koopa
Species Magikoopa
Sub-Species Koopa Troopa
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) Bowser,
Occupation(s) Baby Bowser's caretaker,
Bowser's adviser and second-in-command
Powers/Abilities Executing magic spells to make his allies to grow,
Flying by using a magic broom,
Using a crystal ball to find the Star Children
Enemies Mushroom Kingdom,
Baby Mario,
Star Children
Game(s) Yoshi series,
Mario Bros. series,
Super Mario Bros. series
First Appearance Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (for SNES) (1995)
Latest Appearance Mario Party Superstars (2021)

Kamek is a Magikoopa, who is the caretaker of Baby Bowser and an adviser for Bowser in the Mario Bros. game series. He is a wizard and also one of the main antagonists in the Yoshi game series.


Yoshi's Island DS[]

In the game Yoshi's Island DS, Kamek, Bowser and an army of Toadies travel to the past and kidnap all babies from the world, including Baby Donkey Kong. Their objective is to find the power of seven stars inside the hearts of children, the Star Children, and use it to conquer the universe. Despite they take away most of the babies to the Bowser's Castle, a Stork attacks two Toadies, making them to drop down Baby Mario and Baby Peach. Some Yoshis save the two babies, and they decide to rescue Baby Luigi from the villains.

During the game, Kamek appears before the Yoshis and the babies assisting them, and he uses his magic to make some creatures stronger, turning them into bosses to face the heroes. Later, Kamek steals Baby Bowser, who was under care of his past self. However, after a discussion between Baby Bowser and future Bowser, the latter throws away the former by breathing fire at him.

Eventually, the Yoshis traverse many stages and they are also able to find Baby DK, Baby Wario and Baby Bowser, who possess special skills and assist the heroes during the adventure. A few stages later, Baby Wario leaves the team of heroes to go collect treasure. And after future Kamek sees Baby Bowser between the Yoshis and the assist babies, the Magikoopa cannot understand why he is doing that, and Kamek decides to inform King Bowser about it. Baby Bowser follows Kamek and holds up to the magic broom, but during flight, the baby falls down in the sky, abandoning the heroes.

Finally, the Yoshis and babies reach the Bowser's Castle. At the entrance, they find Baby Wario and Baby Bowser arguing about who does the future Bowser's treasure belong to. After a green Yoshi confirming that they do not care about the treasure, the two babies agree to rejoin the group. Inside the boss room of the castle, Baby Bowser leaves the team of heroes again, and after he is defeated, the King Bowser is the following boss. After the first battle, Kamek uses a magic spell to turn Bowser into a giant. Together, Baby Mario, Baby Peach, Baby DK and Baby Wario assist four Yoshis in battle against the large boss. King Bowser returns to his regular size and he passes out after being taken down by the heroes. Kamek swears that the heroes will pay for that defeat in the future, and calls some Toadies to carry away King Bowser. The Magikoopa also leaves, but he is tailed by Baby Bowser. The Yoshis are able to find Baby Luigi and the other stolen babies, and escape the castle before it explodes by being carried by Storks. The babies are taken back to their homes.


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