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Map K3 Map
The world map of K3 as seen in the game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! for SNES.
Number of Stages 6
Boss(es) Bleak
Brothers Bear's House Blizzard's Basecamp
Banana Bird Cave Glacial Grotto
Greater Location Northern Kremisphere
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! (for SNES) (1996)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Country 3 (for GBA) (2005)
Adjacent World(s) << << Donkey Kong Country 3 for SNES >>
<< << << << Donkey Kong Country 3 for GBA >> >> >>

K3 is a world of the Northern Kremisphere in the the game Donkey Kong Country 3. It can be reached after clearing the worlds Cotton-Top Cove and Mekanos, and unlocking the Turbo Ski. It is considered the fifth world in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version of the game.[1] However, after meeting the same mentioned conditions in the Game Boy Advance version, this world, Pacifica and Razor Ridge can be accessed in any order by the player's choice. K3 is a large, snowy mountain range at the north of the Northern Kremisphere. The boss of this area is called Bleak.

Adjacent Worlds[]


Krevice Kreepers[]

Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong will journey up to the this cliff stage by climbing on horizontal ropes and using Barrel Cannons. Usually, on the same ropes, the Kongs will be pursued by Klasps, TNT Barrel enemies, and they must avoid contact with these deadly enemies at all costs.

Tearaway Toboggan[]

This second stage is snow-themed. Here, most of the traversal is made by the primates riding a Toboggan. The vehicle allows to bounce on all types of enemies safely, but collisions with any obstacles or falling into pits must be avoided.

Barrel Drop Bounce[]

It is the third stage and a waterfall type one. Throughout certain sections of it, Wooden Barrels will fall down from the waterfalls constantly making useful platforms to reach high places and progress. The heroes must move over these barrels quickly before they fall into pits or break apart on the ground.

Krack-Shot Kroc/Krack Shot Kroc[]

This is the fourth stage of the world, and the final stage taking place inside a factory in the game. At the beginning of it, the Kongs will turn into Squitter the Spider, having to progress through the majority of this stage as the Animal Buddy by creating web platforms in order to move over tanks of hot liquid metal and vertical sections. It is also the only location of Kroc, an unseen enemy which uses a cursor to track down and shoot fireballs at Squitter at regular intervals. Blast shields across the foreground of the stage provide cover against the projectiles.

Lemguin Lunge[]

It is the fifth stage of the world and the final snow stage in the game. It is also the only place where Lemguins, penguin enemies, are found. At some points of the stage, various of these enemies will appear from holes on the ground and slide towards the left or right direction, trying to collide against and harm the primates.

Bleak's House[]

This is the boss stage where the heroes face Bleak, an evil snowman. The battle has very distinct gameplay, with the boss appearing from two trenches in the background and tossing some snowballs at the Kongs. Dixie and Kiddy must avoid the projectiles by moving left or right, and they also must throw snowballs at Bleak (in very similar way to the minigame of the Swanky's Sideshow from the SNES version of the game). It is impossible to change the position between both main characters during the boss battle without receiving damage. In the SNES version, by the player moving a blue ball at the left side of the screen, they change which trench their snowballs will land on. However, in the GBA version, the feature is removed, and the primates' projectiles will usually fall at the current trench Bleak is present in. In order to harm the boss, the heroes must target the weak point of Bleak, a glowing spot of his scarf. After taking a few hits, the boss will appear at the center of the closest trench to the main characters, use his top hat as a cannon and shoot a sequence of snowballs at the Kongs. During these attacks, Bleak will hide his weak point, but he will reveal it briefly to laugh after each sequence. His later attacks will become faster and more elaborated. Bleak will be defeated after receiving a total of six hits, and the primates will earn a single Bonus Coin.

After that, the player will gain access to the world Razor Ridge in the SNES version. However, in the GBA version, by also clearing the already accessible worlds of Pacifica and Razor Ridge, the player will be able to enter the world Kaos Kore.

Supporting Locations[]

Brothers Bear residence[]

  • Blizzard's Basecamp: the residence of Blizzard can be accessed after clearing the stage Lemguin Lunge in the SNES version or the stage Krack Shot Kroc in the GBA version, and going north of the respective stages. When entering his hut, Blizzard will be surprised Dixie and Kiddy Kong found his basecamp.

Banana Bird Cave[]

  • Glacial Grotto: located at west of the Blizzard's Basecamp. In the SNES version, the entrance to it will break open when reaching the location for the first time. The same does not happen in the GBA version.



"The frozen wastes of K3 never see any season except winter. It's tough for hairy toes to maintain a steady footing on the ice, especially when you have to jump over sliding Lemguins or dodge the polar projectiles hurled by a sinister snowman."
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! Player's Guide (SNES version), page 5
"Winter always has an icy grip on the slick summit of K3. This is the hunting ground of Bleak the Snowman, the most ruthless righthander to ever chuck a dirty snowball. Watch you step on the slick slopes or you might slide into a bottomless crevasse. And be sure to warm your frozen toes at Blizzard Bear's Base Camp."
Nintendo Power Vol. 89 (SNES version), page 37
"Welcome to the steeps and deeps of icy K3, the highest pointed peak in Donkey Kong Country. Few warm-blooded creatures actually brave these winter environs. Be sure to warm your hairy toes at Blizzard Bear's Basecamp. An avalanche wiped out the trail to his cabin, but you might find another route somewhere near Lemguin Lunge."
Nintendo Power Vol. 91 (SNES version), page 59



  • The name "K3" is likely a reference to K2[2], a peak on the border between China and Pakistan in the Karakoram[3] mountain range. The K2 is the second highest mountain on Earth. Surprisingly enough, the nearby Broad Peak[4], the twelfth tallest mountain on Earth, was formerly known as K3.