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Junior winking

Junior the Giant Klaptrap is an abnormally large Klaptrap who appears in the Donkey Kong Country animated series.


Junior the Giant Klaptrap

Due to his large size, (Junior is about the size of Diddy Kong) Junior is never used as ammunition for a Klap-Blaster, due to this he usually never has anything to eat. Also Junior oddly has dentures, whenever he becomes an annoyance he usually has them removed by King K. Rool, whenever this happens he usually complains and whines about his hunger, though the words come out slightly slurred.

In "Booty and the Beast" Junior ends up having his teeth stolen by Kaptain Skurvy after this he commences a futile chase of the villainous pirate. Eventually Junior happens upon Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong who have been tied-up by Skurvy and his crew after they stole the Crystal Coconut. Deciding to set the two Kongs free after bartering with them, Junior, Diddy and Donkey set off to find Skurvy.

Eventually the trio track Skurvy down and while Skurvy and his crew are busy duking it out with Diddy and D.K., Junior manages to reclaim his teeth. With his dentures back where they belong Junior proceeds to devour Skurvy's ship along with everything on board, including several cannonballs made of solid steel.

Junior reappeared in the episode "To the Moon Baboon", where he was constantly bothering the other Kremlings about his dentures being confiscated. When K. Rool orders for the Kongs' time capsule to be destroyed, he gives Junior his dentures back and offers to have him eat Bluster Kong's rocket (after Klump and Krusha's attempt to bomb said rocket fails). Diddy, however, distracts Junior by feeding him some regular barrels, and K. Rool punishes Junior by confiscating the dentures again.