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Not to be confused with both versions of the game Donkey Kong released for Game & Watch and Game Watch, respectively.
Jungle Kong-0

The Jungle Kong Game Watch device. This version displays the brand of Meister Anker.

Jungle Kong is a Game Watch game licensed by Nintendo and released by Trafalgar (also known as Meister Anker, Platron or Andros) only in the Argentina in 1985. It is based on the game Donkey Kong for Arcade. Despite being a game device, it also indicates time and has an alarm function. This wrist watch is known among collectors to be notoriously rare.


The style of the gameplay is very similar to that of the classic Donkey Kong game, but instead of girders Mario works their way up through four floors via foliage (hence the "Jungle" in the title), and climbing up by using vines. However, it is only possible to move upwards when the vines are connecting to the upper floors. Donkey Kong Sr. looks more cartoonish in this version, and he throws coconuts which the player must avoid by jumping. Usually, the primate will make the fruits roll down floor by floor, but he can also throw some coconuts straight at the bottom. A score counter keeps track of how many coconuts have been avoided by Mario. When the player reaches the top of the area, Mario will use a pickaxe in order to break the branch where Donkey Kong is standing on and giving him access to a coconut tree. After that, the player will earn ten jumps at the score, Mario will restart from the bottom and he must climb back to the top again. By hitting the branch a total of three times, it will break, making Donkey Kong to drop down, and the player will earn ten additional jumps at the counter. The game will also restart, keeping the player's current score. If Mario is hit three times, the player will lose the game and their score will be reset to zero.

Jungle Kong also possesses the modes Game A and Game B. The latter is harder for adding bird enemies which will appear suddenly and fly horizontally between the second and third floors. They must be avoided by Mario.



  • The game Jungle Kong was also released by Cresta as a mini handheld in 1982 (see Videos section above). Despite the handheld being larger when compared to the Game Watch, the game port appears to be very similar to the original device, even being capable of displaying time and keeping the alarm function.
  • The game Donkey Kong was released by Nintendo as a Game & Watch[1] in 1992. Similar game also called Donkey Kong was released by Nelsonic Industries[2] as a Game Watch in 1994. Despite the similar names between titles and devices, both mentioned games and Jungle Kong are completely different games.