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Not to be confused with Jungle Hijinxs from Donkey Kong Country Returns
ExitIsNearSign.png Jungle Hijinxs ExitSign.png
Donkey and Diddy Kong outside their treehouse.
World(s) Kongo Jungle
Type Jungle
Music Theme(s) DK Island Swing
Animal Buddies Rambi the Rhinoceros
Bonus Room(s) 2
Notable Feature(s) First stage in Donkey Kong Country
It introduces Rambi
It has DK's and Diddy's Treehouse and Banana Hoard
Enemies Encountered Gnawties, Kritters, Klumps, Necky
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country

Jungle Hijinxs, (バナナジャングル Banana Janguru in Japan), is the first stage in Kongo Jungle, the first world of Donkey Kong Country. Ropey Rampage follows this stage.


As this stage is the very first in the game, it is made to be the simplest. It has the jungle theme like Ropey Rampage, Barrel Cannon Canyon and Orang-utan Gang, which are found later in DKC. This stage contains minor threats, along with the simplest of enemies to defeat. The Banana Hoard and Treehouse are located here, with the treehouse containing an Extra Life Balloon. This stage takes place in the daytime, and upon reaching the end of it, it turns into nighttime. This only happens in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version of DKC.

There are six Kritters, five Gnawties, one Necky, and three Klumps who appear in the stage. Rambi also aids Donkey and Diddy Kong throughout the final parts of the stage.


When the stage starts, Donkey blasts out of his treehouse and onto the ground. He can find three bananas and a lone Gnawty. Donkey can hop onto the steps to his treehouse to go along and collect Extra Life Balloons or continue on land, grab Diddy from the DK Barrel and pass two Kritters on higher elevations of land and nab the Letter "K". Then, the two primates encounter two Klumps whom they must attack/avoid until reaching the Star Barrel and gaining the Letter "O" which is exactly next to the barrel.

Next, the two primates will pass a DK Barrel and then a nut-throwing Necky on a high elevation of land. They can even get a Expresso Animal Token directly underneath Necky. The two must continue passing along until reaching an Animal Crate where Rambi is trapped in. They can free/turn into Rambi, depending on the version and continue. Next, Rambi and the primates encounter three Gnawties and the Letter "N". Then, Rambi and the monkeys have a choice to make when coming near the high elevation; they can either go upwards on the high elevation with two Kritters on it or through the hidden bonus area behind a wall. Either way, the monkeys and Rambi are led to the Letter "G". Then, they can either break another blockage in an elevated ground as a bonus and then move forward, destroy a lone Klump, jump over two abysses ad then end the stage.

Bonus Stages

Entrance Description Interior
1-1(Bonus1Ext).png The first Bonus Stage is found right after the Letter "N". It is behind a wall that Donkey and Diddy must use Rambi for to break through it. In this Bonus Stage, the primates and Rambi are found inside of a cave containing many bananas and a single Extra Life Balloon that will fly away soon after it appears on the screen. 1-1(Bonus1Int).png
1-1(Bonus2Ext).png The second Bonus Stage is found on the ground stage underneath the Letter "G". Again, Rambi is needed to break the wall in the small ledge found next to where the Letter "G" is, but on a lower elevation. In this Bonus Stage, DK and Diddy must match up three Animal Tokens to win the Animal Token. If they don't win, leave the Bonus Stage empty handed. 1-1(Bonus2Int).png

Scrapbook Collectibles (Game Boy Advance version only)

Location Description
The first Photograph can be found inside of the treehouse, located on the far left of the area, behind a banana bunch. The Photograph is of the title screen from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version of DKC, but without the words, "Donkey Kong Country".
The second Photograph can be revealed by hand-slamming the first Klump shortly before the Star Barrel. The Photograph is a picture of Klump.
The third Photograph is inside of the first Bonus Stage, near the start and scattered among the bananas. The Photograph is of Donkey riding Rambi.

Animal Buddies

Visual Description
1-1(Rambi).png Rambi the Rhinoceros can be found shortly following the perched Necky throwing nuts and the Expresso Token. To ride him, break his crate with either a Barrel, a hand slap from Donkey, or by jumping.

Helpful collectibles

K-O-N-G Letters

Visual Description
1-1(K).png The Letter "K" can be found on the platform with the first Kritter.
1-1(O).png The Letter "O" is floating immediately after the Star Barrel.
1-1(N).png The Letter "N" is to the right of Rambi's Animal Crate, shortly after a group of three Gnawties.
1-1(G).png The Letter "G" is above the treetops, after a group of three Kritters walking down some stairs. It can be obtained by either reaching the treetops by climbing the stairs, or simply by exiting the first Bonus Stage, as the Bonus Stage's exit point leads to these treetops.

Extra Life Balloons

Color Visual Description
Red 1-1(RedBalloon1).png The first Red Balloon is inside DK's and Diddy's Treehouse. Bounce on the half-buried tire to reach it.
1-1(RedBalloon2).png The second Red Balloon can be obtained using Diddy to jump to the treetops shortly after the Letter "K". Then, jump to the next treetop before this Balloon flies away.
1-1(RedBalloon3).png The third Red Balloon can be found after collecting Red Balloon #2. Cartwheel and jump over the large tree gap to reach the next tree, and collect this Balloon before it flies away.
1-1(RedBalloon4).png The fourth Red Balloon is at the end of the first Bonus Stage. Jump to collect it before it flies away.
Green 1-1(GreenBalloon).png After collecting te third Red Balloon, cartwheel and jump as far as possible to reach another treetop with this Green Balloon. Catch it before it flies away.
Blue 1-1(BlueBalloons).png The two Blue Balloons are located off-screen at the stage's exit. With Rambi, jump atop the stage's exit mountain, then trot to the right as far as possible. Jump as high as possible, and at the apex of the jump, dismount Rambi to reach an invisible tire. Bounce high on the tire to access an autofire barrel cannon that will launch the Kongs into both Blue Balloons.

Animal Tokens

Animal Buddy Visual Description
Expresso 1-1(ExpressoToken).png The Expresso Token is right after the Star Barrel; it is underneath the perched Necky throwing nuts.


Special Barrels

Type Visual Description
Star Barrel 1-1(StarBarrel).png The Star Barrel is directly after the two Klumps walking left.
Warp Barrel
DKC GBA Jungle Hijinxs Warp.png
This Warp Barrel is exclusive to Game Boy Advance version.
In order to do enter this Warp Barrel, the Kongs must climb up the treehouse, jump on trees, until reaching the fourth one. The primates must then drop down to fall into the Warp Barrel. It is a shortcut to near the Letter "G".

DK Barrels

Visual Description
1-1(DKBarrel1).png The first DK Barrel can be found to the right of the very first Gnawty.
1-1(DKBarrel2).png The second DK Barrel is immediately after the Star Barrel, on the ground below the Letter "O".

Steel Kegs

Visual Description

The Steel Keg is located in an item cache in the ground, shortly after DK's and Diddy's Treehouse. The Kongs must jump from the treetops above and land on the ground, as shown by the arrow of bananas.


Item count

Item Count
Banana Single Banana.gif 72
Banana Bunch Banana Bunch.gif 20
Tire (half-buried) Tire(half-buried).png 2
Tire (pushable) Tire(pushable).png 0

Barrel count

Type Count
Wooden Barrel WoodenBarrel.png 2
Barrel Cannon (autofire) Blast Barrel - DKC.png 1


Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Boy Color

Game Boy Advance



  • It is the only stage in Kongo Jungle to have a Necky.
  • Jungle Hijinxs was originally going to have a full nighttime setting and be called Jungle Japes which is also the name for the first area in Donkey Kong 64.
  • In the Game Boy Advance remake, the Extra Life Balloon in the treehouse can only be obtained once through the course of the game.
    • Also opposed to Super Nintendo Entertainment System version, the background does not go dark near the end.