Dk-jungle-climber-20070629073333631 thumb ign

DK traversing pegs in Jungle Beach

Dk-jungle-climber-20070810020126693 thumb ign

DK jumping in Jungle Beach

Dk-jungle-climber-20070810020124177 thumb ign

DK by the shore

Dk-jungle-climber-20070810020124615 thumb ign

DK near a barrel cannon

Dk-jungle-climber-20070810020122271 thumb ign

DK shooting out of an auto fire barrel

Dk-jungle-climber-20070810020117334 640w

DK near a bonus barrel

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Jungle Beach is the third level of Sun Sun Island, the first world in DK: Jungle Climber. It is the first level to feature water and sunflowers.
Dk-jungle-climber-20070810020128536 thumb ign

DK swimming in Jungle Beach

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