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Jump, Man is a Donkey Kong's minigame from the game Mario Party 7 for Nintendo GameCube. The objective is the player's character to run and reach the top of a treehouse in the jungle before Donkey Kong.


The minigame starts at the base of a large tree. Both characters must climb up to the top by running on four ramps and climbing three ropes in-between. Each runner moves on separated sections of the ramps, and they use their own ropes. During the session, multiple barrels roll downhill on the ramps. If a character is hit by a barrel, they will fall on the ground and stay stunned for a few instants. It is advisable for the player to jump over them in order to avoid the barrels. The first character to reach the finish line at the top is declared the winner of the minigame. If Donkey Kong reaches it first, the player is defeated in the current session.


  • Control Stick: Move
  • A Button: Jump


  • The name of the minigame is probably based on Mario's original name, Jumpman, from the game Donkey Kong for Arcade. The minigame itself is also similar to the stage 25m, the first stage in the same Arcade game, where Donkey Kong Sr. throws barrels which roll downhill on some ramps, and the player controlling Mario must climb up the same ramps while avoiding the barrels.
    • Even Toadsworth, the host of the game Mario Party 7, mentions how the minigame looks familiar.