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Not to be confused with Squidges, squid enemies from the game Donkey Kong Country.

A Jellybob gently gliding downwards as seen in the game Donkey Kong Country Returns for Wii.
Homeland Donkey Kong Island
Residence(s) Beach world levels,
Cloud level Gushin' Geysers
Origin of Species Jellyfish

Powers/Abilities Swimming,
Generating electric current running through its body constantly,
Jumping vertically and out of water at regular intervals,
Gliding down in the air slowly,
Resistance against all physical attacks by enemies

Enemies Kong Family,
Donkey Kong,
Diddy Kong
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country Returns,
Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
First Game Donkey Kong Country Returns (2010)

Latest Game Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (2013)

Jellybobs are jellyfish enemies that jump upwards out of water quickly and glide down slowly, being capable of electrocuting the Kongs upon contact. They appear in the games Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D


Jellybobs are mostly present in the Beach world levels of the Donkey Kong Island, but they also appear in the Cloud level Gushin' Geysers. Inside levels, Jellybobs are found next to the surface of water spots. They will constantly jump out of water vertically and then slowly descend back into the initial location by gliding at regular intervals. The primates must avoid coming in contact with Jellybobs at all costs since they have electricity flowing through their bodies which harms the heroes upon impact. It also makes these enemies invulnerable against all physical attacks by the Kongs, including the ground-pound move and peanuts shot by Diddy Kong's Peanut Popguns. The only way of defeating Jellybobs is by the primates throwing single barrels at them. Considering how Jellybobs are capable of reaching certain heights after jumping, it is possible for the heroes to move past them safely by the player using good timing to execute a roll-jump under these enemies. This technique can be useful during the Time Attack mode in order to progress quickly through level sections featuring Jellybobs.

At the final section of the Beach level Stormy Shore, there is a glimmering Jellybob just after the "G" of the K-O-N-G Letters. When this unique variant is defeated by the Kongs throwing a wooden barrel at it, placed next to the third and final Tutorial Pig's checkpoint of the level, a ring of five Banana Coins around a red Extra Life Balloon will appear in the air between the two floating platforms nearby the enemy spot. By the primates leaving the screen location of the glimmering Jellybob after it is defeated once and returning soon afterwards, the enemy will be replaced by a regular variant. The rare Jellybob can be found again by the player revisiting the level or replaying the current section of it.



  • Jellybobs share physical similarities with Squidges, squid enemies from the game Donkey Kong Country. However, each Squidge possesses two cartoonish angry eyes, and they do not generate electricity.