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Jelly Fishes are enemies found in the game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.


They are large purple jellyfishes that can found in the bodies of water. They have yellow slits on their gastrovascular cavities, which are purple, with their tentacles being a lighter shade of purple.

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat[]

Jelly Fishes can be found in water levels. If Donkey Kong touches them, the Jelly Fishes will harm him by electrocution. A Sound Wave Attack will cause them to give off more electricity.

If riding on Orco the Killer Whale, Donkey Kong can use the Sound Wave Attack to attack them. It gives the primate two beats, as well as form bulges on their bellies. Donkey Kong can surely defeat them by rolling into Jelly Fishes after this attack, or by repeating this attack pattern three more times.