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"It's a Wonderful Life" is the thirty-eighth episode of the Donkey Kong Country television series.

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are walking down the pier, fishing poles in hand and DK exclaiming what a wonderful day it is when he suddenly trips and falls onto Funky's surfboard, sitting on two wooden benches. The two Kongs are wondering what he is doing, and Funky tells them that he is depressed because he has "lost" his "surfing stance." To demonstrate, he jumps onto the board only to immediately fall off. Donkey Kong tries to help him and jumps onto the surfboard, but it breaks in two. Funky exclaims his anger toward Donkey Kong when Cranky calls for him.

At Cranky's Cabin, Donkey Kong is asked why the Crystal Coconut's case is covered in locks. Donkey Kong explains that it is his "Crystal Coconut total security system;" whenever he is out doing something, nobody can get to the coconut. However, Cranky informs him that he is included; Donkey Kong, however, is impressed to know that his idea worked. Cranky demands that Donkey Kong remove the padlocks, but he does not know the combinations. He then tries desperately to force the locks off, but nothing works. Cranky then swings at the locks with his cane, knocking them off and revealing the coconut. DK states that there is "no need to thank [him]" for freeing the coconut, but Cranky is angered by this and chases Donkey Kong away.

Donkey Kong heads to Bluster Barrelworks, where he eavesdrops on a discussion between Bluster and Candy. Candy tells him that she gets goosebumps by hearing you say those words," and Bluster replies by saying, "You know that I need you now more than ever." DK thinks that Candy has cheated on him, and he charges in, but slips on a lone barrel. He falls into Bluster, causing him to fly onto the conveyer belt and be hit by the barrel approval hammer, knocking him into a large pile of barrels; the stack then falls over onto Bluster. Donkey Kong demands an explanation for the conversation he heard outside, and the two explain that Candy was getting a raise by working overtime and completing their largest order ever; because the order was destroyed by Donkey Kong, Bluster decides to revoke Candy's raise. The two then chase off Donkey Kong, like Cranky did earlier.

Out in the jungle, Diddy Kong is tossing around his lucky ball by himself when Donkey Kong runs up, asking Diddy to throw it to him. Diddy denies at first, telling him that it is his lucky ball, but Donkey Kong promises that he will throw it back. Diddy throws it to him, and he catches it; DK tries to throw it back as hard as he can, but slips and Accidentally throws it across the island. Diddy is angered by this and storms off asking, "Why couldn't you have disappeared forever instead of my ball?" Meanwhile, at his lab, K. Rool is watching everything. He lowers the platform he is on, while Diddy's lucky ball bounces into the lair, to be caught by him.

Donkey Kong is back at his house and is vacuuming when he hits his tire swing; the tire swings back and hits him, knocking him to the ground in front of his mirror. He asks himself why everybody is mad at him but decides that "any problem can be solved with a little nap!" It is night time when DK is awakened; Diddy enters the apartment on the elevator and asks what he is doing at his house, waking the ape. A startled Donkey Kong is then told that that night is the annual "Future Ruler of Kongo Bongo Banana Barbeque Dinner," and DK was to be the guest of honour. Donkey states that he forgot and tries to get Diddy to tell everyone he was fighting evil, but he is led onto his balcony, where everyone is on the ground and expresses their anger toward him. They then tell him that they will continue their lives as though he does not exist.

Depressed, Donkey Kong decides to leave the island. With a hobo sack over his shoulder, he begins the trek (expressing his sadness through song). After a while, however, he runs into a tree branch and is knocked out.

The next morning, a somehow transparent Donkey Kong still feels hurt, but he realizes that he cannot touch any part of his body. He notices K. Rool running off with something, but when he tries to stop him, K. Rool does not notice him and runs right through him. Donkey Kong is confused by this. Diddy then shows up, having chased K. Rool, and stops right in front of Donkey Kong. DK tries talking to him, but he is not heard and Diddy also runs through him. He is confused once more, but disregards this and tries to chase after Diddy, only to be stopped by Eddie the Mean Old Yeti (here named "Eddie the Guardian Angel Yeti"). Donkey once again tries to go after Diddy to help him but is once more stopped by Eddie, who explains that he isn't really there. Donkey Kong tries to explain otherwise, but Eddie explains that he is on a Kongo Bongo where he does not exist. DK does not believe him, but Eddie throws him into the air, and the two fly off.

They follow K. Rool, who stops in front of a rock and hopes Diddy has not caught up. However, he has and asks for what is rightfully his. DK tries to once again help Diddy Kong by punching K. Rool, but it does not work and DK is pulled back by Eddie, and K. Rool states that "The papier-mâché lily pad shall never fall into your evil hands!" DK is once again confused. Diddy then tells him to hand over the lily pad so he can begin his rule over Kongo Bongo and renamed it "Diddy Land". K. Rool distracts him by pointing at something not there; Diddy looks and DK tries to get him to notice, but the distraction only serves to allow K. Rool to run away. Diddy angrily yells "I know where you live!" and storms off. Eddie then once again explains that Donkey Kong is on a Kongo Bongo where he does not exist. DK wants to talk to Cranky but is once again stopped by Eddie, who flies off with the ape in tow to show him more.

Eddie takes DK to Bluster Barrelworks, the latter pointing out that nothing else has changed (and the two dive-bomb in front of the factory). They are just in time to notice Candy walking out, happily saying, "I'm never working in the factory again!"; DK shows that his point has been proven, but is shocked to hear Candy finish her statement: " that I'm Mrs Bluster!" Bluster then runs outside to his wife, and DK flies between the two, trying to get them to notice him. Candy conveniently states that she does love him after DK states so, but after he finds out that she meant Bluster and the two kiss. Saddened, Donkey Kong tries to stop the two, but cannot, with Eddie reminding him that he does not exist and pulling him away to show him more.

Their next destination is Cranky's cabin. They arrive outside and hear the old ape blatantly say, "...a lame-brained, Goofus-doofus of an ignoramus of an ape!" Donkey Kong thinks he is referring to him, but walks inside to find Cranky bowing before Diddy; Cranky was really talking about himself earlier. Diddy accepts his apology (lacking an insult to call Cranky and being told one by Funky) and tells him not to fail in bringing the papier-mâché lily pad to him again. He then tells them that he has come up with a plan to get the lily pad, but when he tries to show them it's "place of honour" (the case containing the Crystal Coconut) he angrily throws it off the pedestal. It ricochets around the cabin, (DK trying to catch it and failing) and eventually lands in a trash can. Diddy accuses Cranky of putting the coconut in the case, the old ape stating that "It looked pretty," and he yells at both him and Funky for doing so. DK, scared by this, leaves. (with Diddy peacefully asking if Cranky and Funky had heard about "Diddyland")

As Donkey and Eddie float through the jungle, DK asks Eddie what happened. Eddie once again explains that the island is different without Donkey Kong. They then see Diddy with Cranky and Funky, the leader telling his minions that, in an hour, they will launch a full-scale attack on K. Rool. Donkey asks what they should do, with Eddie replying, "Go for snow cone?" and he asks Eddie (in song) to allow him to exist, but Eddie says no. Eventually, Eddie is convinced and allows DK to exist, though he falls out of the sky, and seconds later slips on a banana.

He travels to the barrelworks once more, thinking Candy will help him, though he finds both she and Bluster affectionately hugging outside. They notice DK and ask who he is, though Donkey tries to jog their memories. She tells Candy all the things she did for him, but this only succeeds in making Bluster jealous (despite Candy's pleas of not knowing who he is) and he flies away in his helicopter, telling her that they are through. Candy is angry at Donkey (who states that he is happy with what happened) until Diddy arrives, asking where Bluster and his helicopter are. Candy explains what happened, and Diddy is angered that he cannot "[...]attack the enemy in a helicopter!" Both monkeys then state their hatred for DK, and as the two argue over their amount of hatred, he leaves, realizing that Kongo Bongo has not changed back to the way it was before.

He runs to Funky's Flights and asks for Funky's help, though he does not know him either. DK tells him that "We were friends in another life," and Funky is excited to know someone who "[...]speaks my language!" DK explains that he needs a friend, and Funky allows him to be his. He then tries to explain to Funky that he was a ghost, and tries to show him an example by punching his plane; however, he is no longer transparent, and instead puts a hole in it. Funky is now angry, and Donkey runs away from him.

In the woods, Diddy is still sulking over not having a helicopter when Donkey Kong runs into him. He helps Diddy up, calling him "little buddy" like he usually would, though Diddy is insulted by this. Donkey explains that he called him that when they were friends, though the comment surprises him. Donkey Kong notices Diddy's ball, Diddy protesting that nobody can take it as he walks over to it, and he tells him that they used to play catch with it. Diddy protests against playing catch, though DK tries to play anyway and accidentally loses Diddy's ball again. Diddy is saddened and angered by this, angrily turns his face red and stomp on his hat and Donkey Kong runs off as Diddy angrily shouts at him.

He finds and runs into K. Rool's hideout. The lizard king has General Klump and Krusha stop him to protect the papier-mâché lily pad, though DK states that he is not after it; however, K. Rool does not believe him. Donkey Kong tries to get them to remember him and tells them that Diddy is after the lily pad. Klump thinks it is a trick, though Krusha believes him. Donkey Kong then asks King K. Rool to hand him the lily pad; the king is wary but agrees. Donkey Kong is handed the lily pad, but almost drops it; he sighs a breath of relief after catching it, and fans himself with the lily pad, but drops it, shattering it. K. Rool is angered by this, and he, Klump, and Krusha chase DK, all of whom are in a mine cart. Seconds later, Diddy, Funky, and Candy arrive, and find Donkey Kong being chased by the lizards, and the three then begin their pursuit of the ape. They chase him all over King K. Rool's lair, eventually leaving the cave; the chase ends when they exit the cave and head down a sub-track with one section covered in plants. Donkey Kong is able to leave his mine cart, though the others do not, and all three carts crash. The two groups then continue to chase DK on foot.

He runs to Cranky's cabin, though he is blocked by Cranky, and the two groups corner him. While they argue over who gets to attack him first, Donkey Kong states that they are all working together. Diddy and K. Rool note his observation, though the latter still wishes to destroy him for breaking the papier-mâché lily pad; however, Donkey Kong runs inside the cabin, grabs the Crystal Coconut, and convinces them to use it as their "symbol of knowledge and power." Krusha suggests thanking him for all the good he is suddenly doing, but Diddy changes his mind. As they are about to get him, though, DK lifts Diddy and throws him onto a Trigger Barrel; he runs across the bridge before looking back at them all and being flung away. He lands in the jungle, hitting a tree and being knocked out.

Cranky, Diddy, and Candy are now out in the forest, looking for him with concern. Cranky finds him by accident, and they wake him up, but Donkey Kong is scared of the three, apologizing for breaking the papier-mâché lily pad. They wonder what he is talking about, and DK explains everything that happened. However, he is convinced that it was a dream and is excited to see that everything is back to normal. Cranky, Diddy, and Candy apologize to Donkey Kong for their earlier outbursts. DK ends the episode by saying that they were "the best friends anybody ever had," and shouting his catchphrase for the show, "BANANA SLAMMA!!"


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