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ExitIsNearSign Irate Eight ExitSign
World(s) Sea Breeze Cove
Music Theme(s)

Bonus Room(s) 2
Puzzle Pieces 5
Notable Feature(s) Secret Exit
Enemies Encountered Mama Saw, Puftup, Finley, Squiddicus
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Irate Eight is the fourth stage in Sea Breeze Cove from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It is preceded by Amiss Abyss and followed by Sea Stack Attack.


Irate Eight takes place in the domain of the once preceded mini boss, Squiddicus, who rests in this area. Irate Eight has 2 Bonus Stages and 5 Puzzle Pieces.


Teh eleven begins in an underground cave once owned by the Snowmads, judging by the stick that is there that fall over as soon as the Kongs enter. Upon going right, you will discover spikes and a chest on a platform above them which has 1 Banana Coin inside of it. There will also be a vine that if you climb up, you will find the first Bonus Stage containing 1 Banana Coin, 100 bananas, and 1 Balloon. Upon dropping down the vine from before that has 9 bananas, you I’ll go into an underwater section that has spikes on the bottom and top, as well as 2 Banana bunches containing 10 Bananas. There I’ll be 3 mines after this that will take away the Kong’s health if not careful. Underneath these 3 mines are 3 Bananas hidden in a patch of vegetation, and after the mines will be more spikes. After the spikes, there will be a bubble for replenishing oxygen and 5 Bananas, along with a chain the the Kongs must break through. After this, there will be a mine with 2 Bananas trailing a Banana Coin. There will also be a Barrel with Dixie Kong’s icon on it, along with 2 blue Finleys. There will also be vegetation hiding Bananas as well around this area. If you go up past 4 mines once they are destroyed, you will find a room full of Banana bunches adding up to 40 and reveals the second Puzzle Piece. After this will be the K for the K-O-N-G letters along with 2 mines circling it. Upon going forward, you will hear an eruption from deep in the level. You will also notice vegetation hiding away 2 Bananas and 1 heart, along with a chest underneath it that holds a flying Banana. After getting past 3 Mama Saws, you will come to an air duct that forces mines at the Kongs, along with spikes at the beginning that you must avoid. There will be a set of 2 mines above, along with 1 below and also 5 Bananas below as well. There will then be 2 mines below along with a Banana bunch and 2 mines above, which is being trailed by a Banana Coin. At the end will be mines the split to go up and down forcing you to go into the middle. There will then be vegetation after this along with a bubble of air and a Checkpoint. After this will be multiple spikes above and below, as well as 8 Bananas forcing you to go deeper. Some spikes will start to fall after this as well. After this will be a wall with a DK Barrel with Dixie on it. Smash this Barrel and Squiddicus will appear, forcing you venture upwards while avoiding the mollusk’s ink. There will be a tight crevice with 3 bananas and spikes in the left side. Above this area will be bubbles and a clam shell chest, along with Squiddicus’ tentacle. There will also be 1 Banana Coin and 1 large Banana bunch. past this is 4 Bananas and 2 tentacles along with a chain the Kongs must break. Past the chain is a spike patch on the left and then the right, along with a tentacle on the left and a larger patch on the right. Below the right large patch is a secret room with another Puzzle Piece and 40 Bananas. Soon, there will be 3 falling pillars with spikes. 2 are rectangular and 1 is square that is in the middle. To the right before them is one Banana Coin. Past this is another square spike patch and a rectangular one as well. Past this is a Launch Barrel that will float shoot upwards and will almost hit 3 mines. Go to the right to find another barrel that will float upwards that shoots past a ring of 2 Banana Coins and 4 Bananas along with 2 mines and 1 mine that will crash into the Launch Barrel. Past this is another Barrel that launches upwards into a room with another Launch Barrel that is ascending upwards into a large mine along with small ones as well on the bottom. This Barrel shoots into another barrel that has 2 Bananas and the O for the Kong letters. Past this is the second checkpoint along with another area of water. go upwards to find a patch of vegetation that has 7 bananas. Go down to find another with 5 below. Go forward to find a bubble with a clam chest with 5 Bananas that is guarded by 1 tentacle. go past this to find another tentacle and a DK Barrel. After this is another tentacle and a patch of vegetation with 2 Bananas and 1 heart. Past this tentacle is the second Bonus Stage that has 1 Balloon and 1 Banana Coin along with 100 Bananas. Past this is 2 tentacles and 4 Puftups with the N in the middle. Past this is 2 more tentacles and above the highest one is a Banana Coin. Past this is the third and final Checkpoint. After this is a Barrel that shoots and will have 35 bananas in total in 7 bunches. Going upwards has 3 Bananas and 1 tentacle. There will be 4 mines and the G. After this is another 3 bananas and a bubble and a tentacle. Afterwards is a chain and 2 tentacles and 1 rectangular shaped object with spikes and 1 smaller one on the right and 1 slightly smaller one of the left. There will soon be one after the one on the right that is bigger. Another 1 is a square one in the right, along with 2 smaller ones on both sides afterwards. There is also a bubble in the very left. There is another 2 that spawn with a Banana bunch in the middle. 3 more spawn with another bunch in the middle. The 2 mor that spawn with one that hits the next Banana bunch in the middle. 2 more and then that sequence is done. 3 lines of bananas are after this and a bubble and a tentacle. 2 more tentacles spawn and a secret area above this with the 5th and final Puzzle Piece, along with 40 Bananas. To the right are 5 Bananas in total. After this, Squiddicus will close in the walls. There will be 3 mines and 1 Banana bunch. 2 more mines afterward and another bunch. 1 more and then a chain that you must break along with a Barrel. Shot the Barrel to bump to another Barrel, and shoot that Barrel to go up above the water then there will be mines on chains. Shoot all 3 down and you will defeat Squiddicus. There will also be 5 Bananas in this sequence.

CONGRATULATIONS! You beat the level!



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