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ExitIsNearSign Hot Rocket ExitSign
World(s) Volcano
Type Rocket Barrel level
Music Theme(s) Furious Fire, and Hot Rocket (theme)
Animal Buddies None
Bonus Room(s) 1 room

Enemies Encountered Ultra Char-Char, Fire Snake
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country Returns, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

Hot Rocket is the second stage in the Volcano world. It is preceded by Furious Fire and followed by Roasting Rails.


Hot Rocket is a level that takes place inside the cooled down parts of the Volcano that has a rather inappropriat reaction to the Kongs when they fly in the Rocket Barrel.


At the beginning of the stage is a gap with another platform with 3 Bananas on it in the air. This platform will tilt where Donkey Kong is, so watch out for that. You should keep tilting it until it is facing diagonally upwards to the right where a Launch Barrel is, leading to a Bonus Stage with the first Puzzle Piece. This room has 3 Banana Coins and 65 Bananas in total. It also has 1 Balloon. Upon exiting will get you back to the original platform. After this will be another platform with another 3 Bananas. Go past this to find a smaller platform, and after this is the Rocket Barrel. Mind that before this is 2 fireballs. After this is 8 rows with 9 Bananas each with the Banana bunch moving to a different place in each row. There is also rock near the bottom and top as well, and after this is one that approaches from below. Navigate thoroughly through the volcano as it closes in, and has 4 Bananas and 1 Banana Coin in one row. After this will be an upward and downward close in and another upward, along with the K next to another rock. Soon, rocks will begin to fall, as well as a fireball as 3 Bananas before its initial impact. The top of the cavern has 2 Bananas and 1 coin. A fireball will approach from behind, destroying a platform that releases the second Puzzle Piece. 2 more fireballs approach from behind, and after this is 1 row of 3 Bananas, along with 2 Bananas and the third Puzzle Piece. After this is 3 rows of eight Bananas, with 3 fireballs approaching from behind. After this, a crevasse opens up. It is very narrow, so be careful. Going up will get you the O, along with a fast slam down to avoid the rocks. After this is the checkpoint, but before it is 40 Bananas in total. After this is a Fire Snake that slams into rock and causes another eruption. Past this is 2 Fire Snakes looping, so go in the middle. After this is the N laying on some molten rock at the bottom. After this is 15 Bananas in a jagged pathway. Collecting all these gives you the 4th Puzzle Piece. Afterwards are 6 Fire Snakes, with the G in the 3rd one’s spot. After this is a sequence of a bunch of lava being made into a wave with 8 Bananas below. These Bananas will give you the 5th Puzzle Piece. After this passage will be the Slot Barrel.


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