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Artwork of regular Hootz from the game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

Hootzes are members of the Snowmads and owl species of enemies from the game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

Physical Appearance[]

Hootz appears with gradiented brown and white feathers, white eyes, yellow eyes, a dark beak with a white mustache, and grey talons. They wear a large belt made with fur and spikes with a Snowmad insignia, and pants striped in green and white.


Hootzes fly in the air, and they sometimes move in different directions. They can be defeated with one jump, as well as a barrel being thrown at them, or even a roll attack. They cannot be stunned by a ground-pound.


  • Pufftons are bigger and bulkier versions of Hootzes that take three hits to defeat. They cannot be rolled into. Pufftons can be defeated on the spot by Rambi the Rhinoceros or a bouncing attack from Cranky Kong's cane.
  • Tufftons are Pufftons with a helmet on their head. Usually, they are unable to be damaged by regular physical attacks. However, Rambi's attacks and Cranky's cane are capable of harming Tufftons.
  • Hot Hootzes are red Hootzes on fire that shoot fireballs at the Kongs at regular intervals. After each attack, the fire will be put out for a few seconds. That way, the Hot Hootzes will become vulnerable temporarily, and they can be defeated with single jump attacks on their heads.
  • Blue Hootzes are set ablaze in blue fire. They wear an iron helmet and do not have legs. Blue Hootzes are invincible against all physical attacks and they usually must be avoided by the primates. However, they can be defeated by having single barrels thrown at them.


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