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Hideout Helm
World(s) K. Rool's Mobile Island Fortress
Type Battlestation
Music Theme(s) Lobby, Theme, Alternative Theme, Bonus Barrel
Requirement(s) Using Boss Keys to open the sixth and seventh locks on K. Lumsy's cage,
100 Golden Bananas
Animal Buddies Rambi the Rhinoceros
Bonus Room(s) Two special Bonus Barrels for each Kong and a battle arena pad.
Notable Feature(s) Last regular level in the game and does not feature special collectables, except for Banana Medals. Kong allies' stores are not present in it either.
Enemies Encountered Kritters, Klaptraps, Klumps, Koshas, Kasplats, Mecha-Zingers
Game(s) Donkey Kong 64
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)

Hideout Helm is the eighth level in the game Donkey Kong 64. The entrance to it is located inside a room at the top of the K. Rool's Mobile Island Fortress. To unlock the path leading to the room, the player must use two Boss Keys to open the sixth and seventh locks on K. Lumsy's cage, activating the entrance resembling King K. Rool's mouth at the top of the island in the process. The player must have at least 100 Golden Bananas to enter the level.


Hideout Helm is the interior of K. Rool's mechanical island, the home and headquarters of the Kremling Krew. The goal of this level is to first shut down King K. Rool's Blast-O-Matic machine before it becomes fully operational and destroys DK Island, and second to reach K. Rool's throne room. Succeeding in this utilizes most of the skills that the Kongs have accumulated throughout the game.

This level has neither Golden Bananas nor regular bananas to collect, though it does have five Banana Medals, and the Kongs have an infinite supply of Crystal Coconuts at their disposal to navigate the obstacles.


After collecting and turning the first seven Boss Keys, the mouth of K. Rool's mechanical island will open to reveal the way inside. The only way to reach it is via the Monkeyport pad at the bottom of the island. Opening the way to the level will require the Sniper scope obtained from the Funky's Store, the Gorilla Gone potion from the Cranky's Lab, and at least 100 Golden Bananas. Also within the antechamber is the Kasplat carrying Donkey Kong's Blueprint.

Doomsday Countdown

As soon as the Kongs enter the level, the alarm sounds. K. Rool orders his henchmen to start up the Blast-O-Matic machine to destroy Donkey Kong Island, despite their warning that it hadn't been properly tested. Snide's intervention will stall the machine for an amount of time corresponding to how many Blueprints the Kongs have turned in; the amount of time they have in minutes is equal to the number of blueprints they gave Snide plus ten. If the countdown runs out, it is an immediate Game Over.

Entering Obstacles

First, the player will need Lanky Kong's Orangstand technique to walk up a few steep slopes. Next, Chunky Kong will need to trigger a switch with his Pineapple Launcher to open the door to the next area. After swinging on a few vines, the player will reach a dead end area; the only way out is through a small pipe, navigable only by Tiny Kong's Mini Monkey technique. The other end of the pipe lets out in the central core, where the supercomputer/generator for the Blast-O-Matic is.

Saving the Island

In the core, Donkey Kong will need to pull the Gorilla Grab switch in front of the machine, which will cause 5 DK stars to appear in the air around the machine. Diddy Kong then has 60 seconds to fly through all five stars using the nearby Rocketbarrel Boost barrel. Succeeding will cause five doors in the area to open, leading to the five power cores for the machine. As well, rickety gates block four of the five chamber entrances, necessitating Chunky's Primate Punch to break them. Each of the five rooms has a door that will only open to a specific instrument, and initially, only one pad appears.

Donkey Kong

The first room opens with Bongo Blast, making Donkey Kong the first to take down a core. The guard within the room is a single Kremling. The Banana Medal core powering the machine has an impenetrable force field around it, and touching the field will damage a Kong by a quarter Melon. The only way to deactivate the power in the room is to face two challenge barrels of K. Rool's design. Conquering both will shut off the yellow power stream, allowing DK to collect the Banana Medal core and causing another music pad to appear outside the second room.

Barrel Blast

Donkey Kong ends up in a small room with three wooden targets on the walls spaced equally apart, and electric pylons between them. In the center of the room is an elevated barrel cannon. Donkey Kong must use the cannon to hit all three targets in 30 seconds.

Rhino Rampage

Rambi the Rhinoceros ends up in a small room with four electric pylons and several respawning Kritters. Without touching the pylons, Rambi must defeat 18 Kremlings in 30 seconds.

Chunky Kong

The second room opens with Triangle Trample. A Kremling and a Klaptrap patrol the chamber. Defeating the two challenge barrels will shut off the green power stream, freeing the Banana Medal core and causing another music pad to appear outside the third room.

Hide and Smash

Chunky ends up in a small room with four giant boxes, breakable only with his Primate Punch in giant form. A Hunky Chunky barrel is in the middle of the room. Chunky has 20 seconds to find the Kremling hidden in one of the boxes and defeat him.

Stand and Snipe

Chunky ends up in a small room dotted with pylons and metal boxes, standing on a box in the middle of the room with his Pineapple Launcher drawn and ready, an infinite supply of ammo at his disposal. Without leaving the podium, he must defeat the five Kremlings in the room within 30 seconds. This is only possible with Funky's last upgrade, the Sniper scope.

Tiny Kong

The third room opens with Saxophone Slam. A single Klump guards this room. Beating the two challenge barrels will shut off the purple power stream, freeing the Banana Medal core and causing another music pad to appear outside the fourth room.

Ponytail Path

Tiny ends up in a small room with six metal boxes around the outside, standing on the first one. Three DK stars hover above the boxes and a switch is on the final one. Without touching the ground, Tiny must use her Ponytail Twirl technique to fly through all three stars and step on the switch within 30 seconds.

Fungus Flight

Tiny ends up in a small room with four bouncy mushrooms in the ground. Three DK stars hover high in the air. Tiny must bounce into the air with the mushrooms and then use Ponytail Twirl to pass through all three stars within 30 seconds.

Lanky Kong

The fourth room opens with Trombone Tremor. A Klump and a Klaptrap guard the room. Beating the two challenge barrels will shut off the blue power stream, freeing the Banana Medal core and causing another music pad to appear outside the final room.

Lightspeed Labyrinth

Lanky ends up in a wooden maze containing Kremlings, Koshas, and a Klump. An Orangstand Sprint barrel is directly in front of him as he starts the maze. Lanky must use the speed of Orangstand Sprint to find and press the hidden switch in the maze and then reach the finish line within 25 seconds.

Zinger Zapper

Lanky ends up in a small, dimly lit room with boxes and pylons scattered around, and four Mecha-Zingers flying through. Armed with an infinite amount of ammo, Lanky must defeat three of them within 30 seconds.

Diddy Kong

The final room opens with Guitar Gazump, and is reachable only by using Diddy's Rocketbarrel Boost. The guard within the room consists of two Klaptraps. Defeating the last two challenge barrels before the countdown runs out will shut off the red power stream for the machine, permanently disabling the Blast-O-Matic and opening the door to the next area.

Search and Slam

Diddy ends up in a small room with boxes and pylons scattered around, nine Kritters in the room and a transparent switch in the middle. To activate the switch, Diddy must defeat one of them, though it is impossible to tell which one activates the switch. Diddy must activate the switch and Simian Slam it within 30 seconds.

Sky Sniper

Diddy ends up in a small room with four Koshas, and a cage in the middle covering a switch. High above the ground on the walls are four switches, one in each compass direction, and above Diddy is a Rocketbarrel Boost barrel. With infinite ammo at his disposal, Diddy must fly up, shoot all four switches, and then Simian Slam the switch within 45 seconds. 

The Final Key

Going through the hallway behind the door will lead the player to the helm room. The door to the throne room is at the opposite end of this room, and will open if the Kongs have collected at least four Battle Crowns. When this door opens, K. Rool will escape from the throne room to an aircraft hangar at the top of the ship. The last door is at the far end of the throne room, behind which are two Banana Fairies and the eighth Boss Key. If the Kongs have both the Rareware Coin and the Nintendo Coin, the door will open.


Only one pair of Bananaporters exists in Hideout Helm. The first is at the entrance, and the second is in the helm room.

Battle Crown

The portal to K. Rool's arena is found on top of the supercomputer/generator for the Blast-O-Matic. Only Diddy Kong can reach it, through use of his Rocketbarrel.


Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning/Translation
French Planque-Panique Panic Hideout
German K.Rools Kommandantur K. Rool's Commander's Office
Italian Elmetto Nascondiglio Helmut Hideout
Japanese ハイドアウト
Spanish Escondite Extremo Extreme Hideout


  • The alarm horn heard during the cutscene after entering the level Hideout Helm is called "Old Klaxon: Fast" from the album Universal Studios Sound Effects Library. The same sound effect was also used in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version of the game Donkey Kong Country 3 when the enemy Kroc's cursor is triggered in the K3 stage Krack-Shot Kroc.
  • As the countdown gets closer to zero, King K. Rool's laughter sounds out more frequently. It sounds out at the 30-minute mark, the 20-minute mark, the 15-minute mark, the 10-minute mark, the 5-minute mark, and every minute mark past 3 minutes.
  • The music theme for this level, along with Angry Aztec, and the level Mayahem Temple from the game Banjo-Tooie, was originally going to be used in the canceled game Dream: Land of Giants/Project Dream, the predecessor of the game Banjo-Kazooie. The music track is titled "Lost 2".[citation needed]
  • The song which starts playing after the player has complete all minigames has a riff which is also used in the song of the area Cauldron Keep in the game Banjo-Tooie.
  • It is possible to get the Banana Fairies without the Nintendo and Rareware coins if the player aims the camera through the glass. It is also possible to capture both fairies in one picture.
  • Diddy's minigame section is the only one that does not require Chunky to primate punch, since only Diddy can reach it, through the use of the Rocketbarrel Boost.
  • If the Kongs fail to collect the Banana Medal cores before leaving Hideout Helm, they will disappear forever. But if the Kongs collect any of the first four and then the player gets a Game Over, they will remain collected.
  • While in this level, the Kongs' musical themes do not play while selecting in the Tag Barrel. This is the only place in the game where this happens.
  • If the player reaches the final door without both Nintendo and Rareware coins, the Kong will think over the fact that Cranky had a treat if the primates collected 15 Banana Medals, regardless of which coin they lack.
  • If the player comes back to Hideout Helm after shutting down the Blast-O-Matic machine, the Pineapple switch will need to be shot again, and the five power chambers will need to be reopened by Donkey and Diddy Kong.
  • The countdown continues to decrease even at the "Try Again" screen after losing any minigame.
  • A glitch exists that can bypass the two-coin door. Using Diddy Kong, the player must jump in the left side of the control panel with malfunctioning screen to move outside of the geometry and by spotting the key using the first-person camera to find it. Once the player is there, they must jump onto the floor with backflip until they reach it and collects the final Boss Key.
  • After collecting the Banana Medal in Chunky's minigame section, the menu will indicate that you have collected Diddy's Banana Medal, and vice versa.[citation needed]
  • It appears impossible to be able to clear the level in the default time limit of 10 minutes, although it is possible to succeed in as few as 11 minutes.
  • If Diddy Kong attempts to gain access to the lobby of this level via the Rocketbarrel Blast located right outside the cabin that serves as Fungi Forest's lobby, a "no" sign will appear and relieve him of his power-up when he enters the boundary of Crocodile Isle, in order to avoid cheating ahead in the game.