ExitIsNearSign Grip & Trip ExitSign
[[File:Grip n trip|250px]]
World Cave
Type Minecart
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Animal Buddies none
Puzzle Pieces 5
Enemies Encountered Tiki Buzz
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country Returns, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
Grip & Trip is the second level in the Cave world of Donkey Kong Country Returns and its port, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. It is preceded by Rickety Rails and followed by Bombs Away.



K-O-N-G Letters:

  • K: An Auto Fire Barrel is above the track following the one with the Extra Life Balloon on it. It shoots the heroes to the letter K if they hop into it.
  • O: Shortly after the third Puzzle Piece, there is climbable turf at the top of a ceiling near a trio of Tiki Buzzes. The primates need to climb along it to cross an abyss. When they get in the minecart at the other end of the abyss, they can notice a separate track above them. They should jump to the minecart on this track to ride towards the letter O that is in the air at the end of this track.
  • N: After the fourth Puzzle Piece, the Kongs are forced to cling onto the turf-covered object hanging from a train on the track above them to avoid running into some roadblocks while in their minecart. Shortly after the minecart explodes due to running into the obstacles, the Kongs are pulled towards three Tiki Buzzes. The letter N is between the last two above the following minecart found below.
  • G: The duo should high-bounce off of the first enemy from the fifth Puzzle Piece to reach an Auto Fire Barrel that shoots them into the background. In this background area, there are two tracks covered in collectibles with an Auto Fire Barrel placed between them. They must travel across this area to reach the letter G above another Auto Fire Barrel that shoots them back into the foreground.

Puzzle Pieces:

  1. The Kongs can find a separate track above them as they ride on level's second minecart. They need to jump on the top one, where they can find Banana Bunches, Banana Coins, and a Puzzle Piece.
  2. Shortly after getting the K, there are more platforms with tracks. Next to one is a barrel, which can take the Kongs to aBonus Level. Here, they must shoot through a moving Barrel Cannon in order to collect fifty-seven bananas, two Banana Coins, and an Extra Life Balloon within thirty seconds to make a Puzzle Piece appear.
  3. The Kongs should high-jump off of the first Tiki Buzz from the Bonus Level to reach the third Puzzle Piece high in the air.
  4. The Kongs should pound on the plant to the left of the checkpoint to make a Puzzle Piece appear.
  5. After getting the N and riding on the minecart after it, there is a Puzzle Piece following a banana trail.
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