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Gordos are aquatic enemies from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.


A Gordo up close.


Gordos have blue bodies with pink lips and large caudal, dorsal, and pelvic fins. Their bodies are large and round. Also, their pupils are inattentive, and their faces show general dissatisfaction. Their eyelids also have a rather sleepy expression, along with their eyeliners showing aging and tiredness. They also, for some reason, have a very interesting bone structure, which looks very apparent when looking at the picture to the right.

Small details include:

rugged, stripped patterns on their head, near their dorsal fins.

what looks to be a chin, perturbing from their upper lip in a curved position.

tucked in pelvic fins.


The Gordo can be avoided simply by swimming away from it. These fish are very passive, and will not attack the Kongs on purpose, but will take away one portion of health away. They can also be defeated by doing 3 corkscrew attacks, which will also make them seem surprised.

A wild Gordo, swimming above Donkey Kong.

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