Full Name Gong-Oh
Residence Donkey Kong Island
Species Tiki
Gender Unknown
Affiliation Tiki Tak Tribe
Occupation Tiki Tak Tribe Leader
Powers/Abilities Hypnosis
Enemies Kong Family
Boss Level Ruined Roost
World The Ruins
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country Returns
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
  • Gong-Oh is a leading member of the Tiki Tak Tribe who appears in the boss level Ruined Roost in the Ruins, where it both hatches and hypnotizes Stu to attack Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. He attacks the Kong’s with bombs which the Kongsmust use to their advantage to hit Stu with. He will also swoop down at the Kongs in an attempt to ram them. Another aspect of this fight is that a few of the bombs he throws have shorter fuses than the others, and are yellow opposed to white. After the first phase, Stu will drop a missile which will obliterate one column of platform. He will then start throwing 7 bombs, 4 of which have a quicker fuse than the others. He will also throw Tiki Pops, which are unique tikis to this game. His final phase has him throw another missile down, which has a shorter blast radius. In this phase, Stu has 1 hit point. After Stu is defeated, the Tiki is sent flying. It helps Tiki Tong in the final battle by turning into hands for it, along with the other Tikis. After the hands explode, it and the other Tikis are turned into bananas.

Gong-Oh's tune is just like Kalimba's tune, but with one hit of the gong playing in the background and slightly echoing.


Gong-Oh has a large gong connected to it’s head and two skinny arms with circular hands, similar to Xylobone. It has eyes that are different in a way from the other leaders; they are backwards colored. it also has 3 creases on the lower part of it face. One thing that is notable about the tiki is that it also has its instrument attached to it, not it being the instrument, but rather the gong has multiple strings attached to it, as well as the tiki’s head. A small detail is that the tiki’s eyes look strained, as they have dark colored eye flaps that looks like a sign of tiredness.


Gong-Oh Icon

Gong-Oh's silhouette when a Kong loses a life.


  • In the intro, it can be seen hypnotizing a zebra.
  • You can see it on the front cover of the game case but it looks different.
  • Gong-Oh is the 5th largest tiki, just a little smaller than Krazy Kalimba, while being bigger than Xylobone.
  • Gong-Oh has the shortest limbs in the game, just beating Xylobone by a couple inches.
  • Gong-Oh is the 5th most damaged tiki in the game, showing multiple water marks on its features near the bottom of its face. It beats Krazy Kalimba at this, while is behind The Maraca Gang.
  • Gong-Oh also does not have leaves, like Krazy Kalimba and Xylobone.
  • Gong-Oh is the only Tiki to actually surprise the Kongs immediately, with Wacky Pipes being a close second, and Xylobone being a close third.
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