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Map Gloomy Gulch Map
The world map of Gloomy Gulch as seen in the game Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest for SFC/SNES.
Number of Stages 6
Boss(es) Kreepy Krow (in DKC 2)
Krow (in DKL 2)
Greater Location Crocodile Isle
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest,
Donkey Kong Land 2
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (for SFC/SNES) (1995)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Country 2 (for GBA) (2004)
Adjacent World(s) << Donkey Kong Country 2 >>
<< Donkey Kong Land 2 >>

Gloomy Gulch is the fifth world of the Crocodile Isle in the game Donkey Kong Country 2, as well as the fourth world in the game Donkey Kong Land 2. Kreepy Krow is the boss for this area in Donkey Kong Country 2, and Krow is the boss in Donkey Kong Land 2.

Adjacent Worlds[]


The world, as the name suggests, is quite gloomy, scary forest, and so are most of the stages in this area. The stages often have ghost-like enemies, though the regular enemies are found as well.

Before K. Rool became ruler of Crocodile Isle, Gloomy Gulch was a town where the Kremling Kuthroats lived.[1] Following the rise of the Kremling Krew and K. Rool's self-proclamation as ruler, the town was dilapidated due to pollution leaving only the dead trees and a old house where Kackle resided.[2][3][1]

This abandoned location was scary even for Kremling Krew members for dark and ghostly climate.[4]


Ghostly Grove[]

This is the first forest stage of Gloomy Gulch. In Donkey Kong Country 2, at the beginning, if the player waits long enough, a Kloak will descend directly above the Kongs to throw items, such as treasure chests, both containing Extra Life Balloons when broken. Through the stage, many Ghost Ropes are present to help the heroes to reach high places and transverse pits. However, these ghosts disappear after a few seconds dropping down the primates. Enemies here are Klomps, Spinies, Klampons, Zingers, Klobbers and Krunchas.

Haunted Hall[]

This stage is present only in both versions of the game Donkey Kong Country 2.
Haunted Hall is a stage with a background that looks like an old library. A single Skull Cart must be ridden to reach the exit. The location is home of Kackles, pirate ghosts. When the Kongs go through gates with Kackle's picture over it, a ghost is waiting promptly for them, and a time counter will appear at the top of the screen. After it reaches to zero, the Kackle will harm the current playable character. To keep time from running out, the player must hit Plus Barrels to add five seconds to the counter, but hitting Minus Barrels will decrease five seconds instead. The player does not need to hit and avoid every single Plus and Minus Barrel, respectively, to escape safely from the Kackles. The players must hit or avoid these barrels while navigating over gaps on the tracks. After hitting a second gate with Krackle's picture slashed in red paint, the primates will evade the ghost successfully. There are four sections in the stage where Kackles will pursue the Kongs. Some Zingers are also present in the area.

Krazy Koaster[]

This stage replaces Haunted Hall in the game Donkey Kong Land 2.
This stage takes place in an amusement park oddly enough, where the primates must ridden a Skull Cart, while avoiding gaps and enemies over the tracks. Zingers and Flitters are enemies here.

Gusty Glade[]

Gusty Glade is a forest that is quite windy. This often interferes with the Kongs' way of traveling the stage. The wind will be neutral at the start, but soon after it will either blow strongly to the left or right, usually, with no break in between. In some points, the wind can greatly assist the heroes' jumps or throw them into enemies and pits. Rattly the Rattlesnake can be found early in the stage by going over to the left entrance at the beginning of the stage. It can be accomplished by using the "team-up" move in Donkey Kong Country 2 or using hooks in Donkey Kong Land 2. In Donkey Kong Country 2, enemies in the stage are Klampons, Click-Clacks, Neeks, yellow Kutlasses, Kannons and yellow Zingers. In Donkey Kong Land 2, enemies include Spinies, Neeks, Klampons and Zingers.

Parrot Chute Panic[]

In Donkey Kong Country 2, Quawks the Parrot makes his debut in the game series here, and multiple of him are only found in this stage. In Donkey Kong Land 2, a version of Squawks the Parrot, incapable of flying upwards and spitting eggs, can be found here. The parrots can only descend downwards, but the player can slow down their descent by holding the "Up" button. Many Zingers and other foes will appear on the Kongs' path during the stage. Thus, the player will need to carefully guide the animal buddies down between enemies. Most of the stage can be completed by ignoring the animal buddies and using Dixie Kong's Helicopter Spin move. In Donkey Kong Country 2, there are also Click-Clacks, Spinies and Klampons as enemies. In Donkey Kong Land 2, enemies here also include Spinies.

Web Woods[]

The final regular stage of the area, it takes place in another forest. The early section of the stage will be played as the Kongs, but later an Animal Barrel to turn into Squitter the Spider must be used. The rest of the stage is played as the spider. His web platforms must be used to advance across large pits, and enemies blocking Squitter's path must be defeated by shooting his webs. In Donkey Kong Country 2, enemies here are Neeks, Krunchas, green Kutlasses, yellow and red Zingers, brown and green Kaboings, Kannons, Krooks and Mini-Neckies. In Donkey Kong Land 2, enemies in the stage are Neeks, Klobbers, Krunchas, Ghost Ropes, Kaboings, Klomps and Zingers.

Kreepy Krow[]

It is the boss stage of this world. In Donkey Kong Country 2, Kreepy Krow is the ghostly spirit of Krow, the first boss in both game versions. Ghost Mini-Neckies can be avoided, and a live one must be defeated to make a Wooden Barrel to appear. The barrel must be throw at the boss to harm him. After that, the player must go up by using hooks and ropes, while avoiding eggs thrown at the heroes. After reaching the next section, the strategy from the previous one must be used again. After reaching the third section and the boss receiving a total of three hits, Kreepy Krow will explode into glowing bits.

In Donkey Kong Land 2, the first boss Krow is faced here again. The heroes must avoid the attacks of some Mini-Neckies until an egg drops, and throw it at the boss. After hitting Krow twice, the primates must climb up to next section of the boss battle, while avoiding eggs being shoot. In the next section, the same strategy of the previous one must repeated, however, the heroes must first jump on or wait for the eggs to stop bouncing. After receiving another two hits, Krow is defeated again, this time for good.

After defeating the bosses of this world in the respective games, the world K. Rool's Keep will become accessible. In Donkey Kong Land 2, the only location of the Klubba's Kiosk of the game will also appear in the overworld map of the Crocodile Isle.


  • Donkey Kong Country 2:
"You're not out of the woods yet! In fact, you're just entering it when you get to Gloomy Gulch. This spooky area is also haunted by the evil Kremling spirits known as Kloak and Kackle. Even the ropes that once provided a safe way to climb over obstacles are now ghostly and insubstantial."
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Instruction Booklet (SNES version), page 22
"Don't count on meeting another living soul in this dilapidated ghost town, where even the ropes fade in and out of existence like phantoms. Not even the town of Tombstone was terrifying!"
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Player's Guide (SNES version), page 20[5]
"Avast! We're in for it now, me hearties! The last stretch of road leading to K. Rool's Keep passes though the ghost town of Gloomy Gulch, and you'll be up to your hips in ghosties, beasties and bogles. Evem the ropes seen to be fickle phantoms, fading in and out of existence as you swing across vast chasms. Don't exepct any help from the sheriff as you wander through town, since he's been put six feet under like everyone one else! Aye! Ahr! Argh-gug-gh!"
Nintendo Power Vol. 79 (SNES version), page 26[6]


Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name Meaning/Translation
French Ravin Ravi Happy Gulch
German Düsterschlucht Gloomy Canyon
Italian Radura Oscura Dark Glade
Japanese あやしの森「ダークレム」
Ayashi no Mori "Dākuremu"
Forest of Doubt "Darkrem"
Spanish Barranco Tenebroso Dark Ravine


  • In the game Donkey Kong Land 2, the stage Krazy Koaster replaces Haunted Hall because of the Game Boy's hardware limitations and being unable to support the sprites for the enemy Kackle from the game Donkey Kong Country 2. This also happened in the world K. Rool's Keep of the same game with the stage Castle Crush, which ended up being swapped out for Dungeon Danger.
  • In the game Donkey Kong Land 2 and the Game Boy Advance version of the game Donkey Kong Country 2, the progression across locations in the map of this world is more linear, when compared to the Super Family Computer/Super Nintendo Entertainment System version of Donkey Kong Country 2.
  • Nintendo Power Volume 79 magazine's description of the world implies that this area had a sheriff, and possibly a functioning society before becoming a literal ghost town (see Profiles section above).


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