Gloat-hog 01 595

Species Hogs
Gender Male

Powers/Abilities Electric coconuts, Spiky fruit, Lighting dash, Hove swiping, Lighting balls
Enemies Donkey Kong

Game(s) Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Gloat-Hog is the Hog boss and the ruler of the Pear Kingdom in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, he is the forth and final Hog boss and is overall the thirteenth boss fight of the game of the game.


Gloat-Hog is much like the other past three Hog bosses before hand, but is colored in shads of black, and has a gray Mohawk.

Boss Battle

Gloat-Hog is one of the most powerful Hogs in the game, His attacks consist of throwing coconuts with electricity around them, jumping round the area and throwing three spiky fruits in two different patterns. He can also summon five balls made of electricity and launch them at Donkey Kong similar to Bloat-Hog. If Donkey Kong gets too close, Gloat-Hog will slash him. After taking some damage and losing one-thirds of his health, Gloat-Hog will get two new abilities, he can move between platforms quickly and can charge himself with electricity and dash straght towards at Donkey Kong, all the while attempting to do a quick slash at Donkey Kong if he gets close enough.


  • Gloat-Hog's first name sound very similar to Bloat-Hog, additionally, both of the four words of their respective first names are spelled l-o-a-t.
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