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Not to be confused with the boss stage Gang-Plank Galleon from the game Donkey Kong Country. For the ship, see Gangplank Galleon (ship).
Map Gangplank Galleon Map
The world map of Gangplank Galleon as seen in the game Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest for SNES.
Number of Stages 6
Boss(es) Krow
Greater Location Crocodile Isle
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest,
Donkey Kong Land 2
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (for SNES) (1995)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Country 2 (for GBA) (2004)
Adjacent World(s) << Donkey Kong Country
<< Donkey Kong Land
Donkey Kong Country 2 >>
Donkey Kong Land 2 >>

Gangplank Galleon is the name of the first world of both Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and Donkey Kong Land 2. It takes place on the large pirate ship of the same name, docked right next to Crocodile Isle. Every level takes place on the pirate ship. The galleon has many chasms inside, the masts form a good clamber system, and inside the ship is a flooded caliginous cargo. The masts, hold and deck host many enemies, the most common being Neeks, Klomps, and Krunchas. There are a few aquatic enemies in the flooded cargo hold, including Lockjaws, Shuri, and Puftups. A large Mini-Necky boss, Krow, appears in his own crow's nest at the peak of the area.

Because of the German translation of the level Lockjaw's Locker, the Gangplank Galleon has been believed to be a reference to The Flying Dutchman, a ship whose captain was cursed to roam the seas forever on that ship. Gangplank Galleon even bears a resemblance to the ghost ship.

In the instruction manual for both Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and its Game Boy Advance version, the first world is incorrectly named Gangplank Galley, despite the original version's manual even mentioning Gangplank Galleon.

Adjacent Worlds[]


The galleon serves as the first world in both games. It holds many stages, and houses many enemies. The ship is wooden with three riggings, three windows with cannons on the edges, the Kremling Krew symbol on the middle sailboat and a black flag on the back. In Donkey Kong Land 2 and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version of Donkey Kong Country 2, there is K. Rool's figurehead on the ship bow and a flag at the top of the main mainbrace.

The Kaptain K. Rool's cabin is present only in the first stage of Donkey Kong Country 2. It contains four windows, a pirate flag hanging on the wall, a chandelier with four candles, a desk with some maps, an open chest containing a crown, a sword, a crate, a barrel, a red carpet and King K. Rool's portrait.


Pirate Panic[]

It is the very first stage in both games, and it takes place on a ship deck. New mechanics and collectables for the game series are first introduced here, such as Banana Coins as regular currency, DK Coins as special items, and Bonus Barrels for accessing Bonus Rooms. These rooms present timed challenges which usually reward the player with Kremkoins when they are cleared once. At the beginning of the stage in Donkey Kong Country 2, the K. Rool's cabin can be visited. In the same game, Rambi the Rhinoceros can also be found here. Enemies present here in both games are Neeks, Klomps and Klobbers.

Mainbrace Mayhem[]

It is the second stage overall, as well as the first ship mast stage in both games. The Kongs must traverse the location by moving over masts and climbing on vertical and horizontal ropes. It also includes knotted ropes composing square-shaped webs, allowing Diddy and Dixie Kong to move vertically or horizontally. In Donkey Kong Country 2, this stage also introduces Kannons activated by the player throwing Kannonballs at them, which shoot the primates upwards, giving access to Bonus Rooms. Enemies found here in Donkey Kong Country 2 include Click-Clacks, Neeks, Klingers and Klomps. In Donkey Kong Land 2, the enemies are Click-Clacks, Neeks, Zingers, Klingers, Klomps and Krunchas.

Gangplank Galley[]

It is the third stage overall, as well as second ship deck stage in both games. Hooks are introduced here. They are placed in the air, and they can hold the heroes upon contact, allowing the Kongs to climb up or traverse over pits by jumping between them. In Donkey Kong Land 2, the primates can turn into Rambi the Rhinoceros by using an Animal Barrel. Enemies found inside this stage in both games are Kaboings, Klomps, Neeks and Krunchas.

Lockjaw's Locker[]

It is the fourth stage overall, the first underwater stage in both games, as well as the first cargo hold stage. Besides moving through water, the Kongs must also traverse some short sections outside of it. At some points of the stage in Donkey Kong Country 2, the water level will rise or lower. There are some invisible passages through the crates composing the terrain of the stage. These passages usually send the heroes towards hidden items. Enguarde the Swordfish also first appears here in both games, assisting the player to get rid of enemies on the way. In both games, enemies inside the stage include Flotsams, Lockjaws and Shuris.

Topsail Trouble[]

It the fifth stage overall, as well as the second ship mast stage in both games. Many platforms of the stage are seated in high places. At the beginning, the high jump ability of Rattly the Rattlesnake, the Animal Buddy who debuts here, will make the progress easier throughout this initial section. Many enemies will appear on the way of the primates when they are climbing vertical and horizontal hopes. Enemies found here in both games are Neeks, Kaboings, Click-Clacks, Zingers, Klingers and Flitters.

Krow's Nest[]

The boss stage is located at the top of a mast of the ship, where Krow, a very large bird, lives. The bird attacks by flying over the Kongs, trying to collide against them. Krow also picks up eggs in order to throw at the heroes. The primates must make use of the same eggs and throw them back at the boss. In both games, Krow is defeated after receiving a total of four hits.

By the Kongs beating the boss, it gives access to the world Crocodile Cauldron in Donkey Kong Country 2, and the world Krem Cauldron in Donkey Kong Land 2.



  • In the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version of the game Donkey Kong Country 2, the Donkey Kong Island can be seen in the background of the map of the Gangplank Galleon. The island is no longer present in the background of the same world map of the game Donkey Kong Land 2. The Donkey Kong Island is also not visible in the same world map of the Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country 2. It is because of the new top down view perspective of the map in this game version.
  • In the GBA version of the game Donkey Kong Country 2, the Gangplank Galleon is crashed into the right side of the overworld map of Crocodile Isle, and not the left one like in the original SNES game version. The same change is also present in the game Donkey Kong Land 2.