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These are quotes said by Funky Kong in some games of the Donkey Kong series.

Donkey Kong Country[]

Donkey Kong Country 2[]

Story intro (GBA version)[]

  • "Wait 'til tomorrow, and we will all go."

Entering his flights[]

  • "Lookin' good, dudes! I'm Funky the main monkey, and my new Funky's Flights can take you anywhere on Crocodile Isle, provided you've already checked it out of course! Cruise on over to the barrel man, and ride the skies!" (first meeting)
  • "Jump in my jet n' jive, Clive!"
  • "Everything is cool guys. You're lookin' ready to ride and catch some clouds!"
  • "Drop in on the other Kongs, dudes. We're all here to help you guys!"
  • "All flights cleared, dudes. Choose and cruise!"
  • "Way cool! Pick a flight and you're outta sight!"
  • "Wicked! She's all tuned up and ready to go!"
  • "Awesome playing, Kongs! Go get that K. Rool. He just ain't cool!"
  • "Pick it and kick it, Kongs! You're A-Okay!"

Not enough coins[]

  • "Uncool! That's costly cruisin' and you ain't in the picture guys!"
  • "Tough break, Kongs. She's too cool for you pocket!"
  • "What a bummer, eh? Try to find a few more tokens, y'know!"
  • "Sorry, dudes. That one costs more to run than you've got!"
  • "Not enough, man! I got a new surfboard to pay for!"
  • "Aw no! Looks like you're gonna need to score some more to tour!"

After paying[]

  • "Cool! She's all yours dudes. Catch y'later!"

Leaving his flights[]

  • "Take it easy, Kongs!"
  • "Catch y' later, dudes!"
  • "Check me out again, huh?"
  • "Remember, Funky's the Monkey!"
  • "Stay loose, guys!"
  • "I fly 24 hours y'know!"
  • "Call again, good buddies!"

Donkey Kong Country 3[]

First meeting[]

  • "Yo, Dixie, what's happening? I've set up my smokin' new boat shop on this island. But that's not all..."
  • "...I've also brought your excellent cousin Kiddy Kong along for the ride!"
  • "He may be a toddler, but if you let him throw you upwards, you'll almost reach the stars! Oh yeah!"
  • "And if you throw him, his humongous body can smash through the floor of some areas! Trust me!"

Enter his rentals[]



One ski[]

  • "Hey, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs - a ski! No toooo shabby!"
  • "Problem is, though, I'm going to need its partner before I can get you on your way."

Two skis[]

About his secret project[]

  • "Hey! Someone's told you I've been extra busy lately. Well... it's something a bit special."
  • "If you can find all of the DK coins, then you can put them down as a deposit for my ultimate ride. Come back once you've got some more, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs! I'll keep you informed on how close to the jackpot you are."

  • "You're still 1-40 coins short of the deposit for my top gear!" (no enough coins)

  • "Unbelievable type of a situation! You've found all the DK coins!"
  • "I'm sorry, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, I didn't think you'd actually find them all, so I've got nothing new to show you! Hey, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, just kidding, you know?"
  • "May I introduce you to my finest and coolest creation yet, the Funky-Copter!"

Leaving his rentals[]

Donkey Kong 64[]

  • "Hey, been a long time Donkey-dude! K. Rool's return is a real bummer, so the main monkey's here to fix you up with some reptile kickin' hardware. Check this out. I've got this real cool shooter that'll trash K. Rool's army. And it's yours for just 3 coins. Are we talkin' a deal here?"
  • "Lookin' good Donkey/Diddy/Lanky/Tiny/Chunky! Let me give you the lowdown. To fetch out or put away your shooter, press and hold Z, then press C-left. Press B to fire. You can also press C-Up to use the aiming sight mode. An' if you're firin' blanks, I'm the monkey to see for ammo refills."
  • "Zero doin' right now. Donkey/Diddy/Lanky/Tiny/Chunky-dude. 'Fraid I gotta go work on my next big thing."
  • "Yo, Donkey/Diddy/Lanky/Tiny/Chunky! Hit me with 5 coins and I'll upgrade your shooter. Gimme the word, huh?"
  • "Listen to this, Donkey/Diddy/Lanky/Tiny/Chunky - all the Kongs' shooters now pack homing shots! Collect some red supply crates and start blastin'."

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze[]

Entering his shop[]

  • "Whoa, long time no see! Welcome to Funky's Fly 'n' Buy. Don't tell me you forgot your pal Funky Kong? I'm here to help ya on another epic adventure!" (first meeting)
  • "Whoa, dude, welcome to Funky's Fly 'n' Buy! You got the coins, I got the gear!"
  • "These Snowmads are a real downer... And right in the middle of surfing season, too."
  • "Radical Kong! How're ya holding up? I wish I could give you a lift home, but I need coins for gas money."
  • "Your tie is lookin' tubular, DK. Is that a cotton blend you got there?"
  • "Man, I don't know what's up with these dumb Snowmads. Can't they leave us Kongs to chill in peace?"
  • "Welcome back! I was just thinkin' about you, and how you could use some supremely cool stuff from your bud Funky!"
  • "Yo, Kong! Hey, I was thinking about a groovy cloud surfboard, but I need some coinage for the tinkering."
  • "Excellent timing! I was just thinking that I could use some banana coins. Got somethin' shiny for me?"
  • "Red, green, blue... I've got more balloons than I know what to do with!"
  • "Ever tried one of these Green Balloons? I hear they can be real lifesavers!"
  • "Wanna buy this bird? He's more like a rental... He keeps coming back here!"
  • "Hey, Kong! If you're feelin' a bit dogged, grab some Banana Juice or a Crash Guard and you can take anything on!"
  • "No return policy on these barrels, Donkey-dude! I've had them for years."
  • "Crucial Kong! Check out this groovy new toy machine I picked up! You can collect some fab figurines, dude!"
  • "There's baddies down here too? Yeesh, not cool."
  • "Man, there are even penguins out here? Not cool, bro."
  • "Yikes, did we get blasted into the Bermuda Triangle or somethin'? You see all that gnarly wreckage out there?" (Mangrove Cove)
  • "Watch your step out there, bros--this ain't the extreme air you're lookin' for." (Autumn Heights)
  • "Hey, Kong! Hope you've been packing some sunscreen--those rays can get pretty extreme!" (Bright Savannah)
  • "Under the water is cool and all, but I still prefer up top on the rockin' rollin' waves!" (Sea Breeze Cove)
  • "Whoa, there's so much cool machinery on this island--it really gets the tinkerin' juices flowin'!" (Juicy Jungle)
  • "Mmmm, nothing like a fruit smoothie to get ya ready for some action!" (Juicy Jungle)
  • "Not cool, man! The whole island's frozen over!" (Donkey Kong Island)


  • "Nothin' like classic red for righteous revivals!" (Red Balloon)
  • "Pitfalls got ya down? Way down? This balloon will really lift your spirits!" (Green Balloon)
  • "This brand-new Blue Balloon has everything you need for some excellent underwater air time!" (Blue Balloon)
  • "Squawks is the bird with the word on finding Puzzle Pieces!" (Squawks)
  • "Vehicle troubles? It's dangerous to go alone--take one of these!" (Crash Guard)
  • "This. Stuff. Is. Awesome. I have no idea what it is, dude, but it tastes radical!" (Banana Juice)
  • "It's a heart! You'd better not think too much about that, bro..." (Heart Boost)
  • "Feeling the need for some jet-powered action? Diddy's got the skills!" (DD Barrel)
  • "Want to get the jump on those frozen flipper-heads? Dixie's your dudette!" (DX Barrel)
  • "Need a little extra spring in your step? Cranky's no spring chicken, but he sure is spry!" (CK Barrel)
  • "Yo! I found this machine a while ago. It'll give you somethin' cool if you give it some coins!" (Capsule Toy Machine for the first time)
  • "Want a tubular toy for your collection? Try your luck to get 'em all!" (Capsule Toy Machine afterwards)

Buying something[]

Not enough coins[]

  • "Bummer, dude! Come back with more coins!"
  • "Hey, dude, I don't wanna be a downer, but you still gotta have the coinage..."
  • "Hey, man, I love video games too, but sometimes you gotta save your coins for more important stuff!"
  • "Hey, I think I dropped some coins when I was out surfing. You should go hunt 'em down!"
  • "You don't have enough, dude. Been spendin' all your coins on these cool capsule toys?"

Leaving the shop[]

  • "Dude, come back anytime! Like, really, anytime. I get bored."
  • "Remember to work with your buddies, Kong. A little extra help might be what ya need to find some cool hidden stuff!"
  • "Those Snowmads are a gnarly bunch! I hear they're enjoyin' your island. Go get 'em, DK!"
  • "Be careful out there, bud. Me, I'll just hang out here, 'kay?"
  • "Keep your eyes open out there, dude--those areas might have some sweet secret passages!"
  • "Show those pesky penguins the radical righteousness of us supreme simians!"
  • "Fight the good fight, Kong-bro--stay primal!" (Leaving the shop)
  • "Remember to take a break for some surfing. The waves around here are radical!"
  • "Catch a ride on a big, juicy wave for me!" (Leaving the shop)
  • "Hurry up, bro! The surf out there is lookin' excellent, and I wanna catch me some tubular waves!"
  • "Remember, Funky's the monkey for all your shoppin' needs!"
  • "Be careful out there, Kong--this island looks like it's got a lot of gnarly creatures waitin' for ya!" (Mangrove Cove)
  • "Those mountains are cool to look at, but totally not my style. This place is for the birds!" (Autumn Heights)
  • "Grab some shade where you can, dude--that sun is smokin' hot!" (Bright Savannah)
  • "Don't get lost in that tall grass, Kong" (Bright Savannah)
  • "There's some pretty cool stuff down there. Grab a blue balloon and double your dive time, dude!" (Sea Breeze Cove)
  • "Better you than me, Kong--I wouldn't wanna end up as fish food down there!" (Sea Breeze Cove)
  • "Man, this is a pretty rockin' place, but where are all the giant bananas?!" (Juicy Jungle)
  • "I hear ice-floe surfing is pretty big in some places. Hmmm…" (Donkey Kong Island)
  • "Come back whenever you need the help, Kongs! Don't forget that you two can help each other out both above and below water!"