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Artwork of Fugu The Frightening

Fugu, The Frightening is a giant, bad-tempered pufferfish and the fourth boss of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze . He is a notorious Snowmad who is very territorial of his territory in Sea Breeze Cove . Fugu is named after the Japanese word for "pufferfish" of the same name (河豚, Fugu)


Fugu is first encountered when the Kongs dive into Sea Breeze Cove. They began taunting him while seeing Fugu. Fugu acts very hostile towards the Kongs during a boss fight in the game. The Kongs are able to defeat Fu during a boss fight by knocking him into a wall of hermit crabs.


When the battle starts, Fugu attacks the Kongs by attempting to inhale them. To damage Fugu, the Kongs must hit his vulnerable, non-spiny behind to deal damage and hit him on the hermit crabs. When damaged, Fugu will end up rolling towards the Kongs in anger. Fugu is also notable of sending green pufferfish as an additional projectile for the Kongs to attack. When a green pufferfish is rammed towards Fugu, Fugu will take damage.

If Fugu gets completely inflated without damage, he will starts rolling towards the screen. This is the deadliest attack during the battle. Fugu is also notable of bumping into the walls and causing hermit crabs to float on the arena. Fugu repeats the pattern again.

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