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From Zero To Hero Title Card

Title card for the episode.

From Zero to Hero is the seventh episode of the Donkey Kong Country animated series, as well as the seventh episode of the first season. It was the eighth episode to air in North America.


The episode begins with Donkey and Diddy Kong heading to Cranky's Cabin, discussing about movies on the way. When they arrive at the cabin, they notice Cranky giving X-rays of Funky Kong's face. The Kongs find Dixie Kong and Candy Kong at the cabin as well, and Dixie asks Diddy how the movie was. Diddy replies that it was "bogus," and then Donkey Kong complements Candy Kong, telling her that she "smells delicious." Soon, Diddy notices that the Kremlings are hanging around the cabin, and is confused on why they are there. Candy and Dixie explain that Cranky is giving X-rays to everyone on Kongo Bongo.

At the Kremling hideout, King K. Rool announces that today, he will take over the island with the Crystal Coconut (even though the Kritter troops have heard him say this several times before). He tells them that Krusha is in line for an X-ray at Cranky's Cabin, so he can steal the Crystal Coconut from the Kongs and allow the crocodile king to rule the whole island. Meanwhile, Cranky finishes taking a X-ray of Krusha (whose brain has "slipped a little", according to the old ape). As Cranky tries to take one more test, the X-ray machine malfunctions. While the ape is distracted, Krusha grabs the exposed Crystal Coconut and runs out, and Cranky is unaware that the Coconut is missing when he finally notices he is gone.

Cranky calls the next islander up to take an X-ray. Candy is next up, but Bluster Kong decides to cut ahead, believing he can do so because of his higher social status. Donkey, Diddy, Dixie, and Candy are outraged and describe Bluster as a "heartless, mean, inconsiderate, selfish windbag" as a result. When the ape is done with his X-rays, he exits, bragging about how well he thinks his tests are. Diddy simply replies by calling him the "god of fatheads," which makes the other Kongs laugh. Dixie and Candy soon leave, Candy's lunch hour being up and Dixie going off to do something else, and the Kongs suddenly hear Cranky say, "I don't believe it", Bluster believing it is the results of his examination. Donkey and Diddy curiously come into the cabin to see what is going on, finding Cranky saying, "I've got Bluster's X-rays here, and it doesn't look good." Bluster hears him say this and panics. Donkey Kong notes that it is "falling apart," so Cranky replies by saying "I'd give it a week." Bluster thinks they are talking about himself, becoming very worried.

During the night, at Bluster Barrelworks, Bluster is crying over thinking he has only one week to live. He begins to explain all the things he has to live for, but realizes that he needs to have good publicity before he dies. He decides to turn a new leaf and earn a better reputation in the week, starting to sing about what he will do to get this good reputation.

King K. Rool is wondering where Krusha is, trusting that he has the Crystal Coconut. Just then, the Kremling arrives and attempts to present him with the item. When he tries to show his king the Coconut, he realizes that he does not have it anymore. He and the Kritter troops begin to contemplate what could have happened to the Crystal Coconut, when one of the troops mentions them going into a swamp and meeting a "very cute lizard." After Krusha hears this, he says that he handed her the Coconut, which King K. Rool overhears and becomes very angry. Krusha quickly hurries away to get the Coconut back, with K. Rool seething in anger.

Later, Cranky Kong is about to walk across a mine cart track, when Bluster suddenly gets in his way. He checks both sides of the track and tells the old ape that it is "all clear." Although Bluster was only trying to help, Cranky becomes annoyed with him. Once Bluster leaves to do more good deeds, Cranky is flattened by a mine cart and becomes more angry. . Bluster heads over Funky's Flights, where Funky Kong is channel surfing. Bluster flies his barrelcopter above the ape, where he uses binoculars to watch Candy Kong. He wonders what she is doing, as she heads behind a blue screen. Suddenly, Bluster hears the sound of high-pitched screaming from what Funky states to be a horror film on his television, as well as calls for help. Thinking the screams are from Candy, Bluster quickly flies to her, accidentally destroying her and Funky's condos.

The ape crashes behind Candy, who becomes very infuriated with him. Bluster explains that he has turned a new leaf and is now known as "Bluster the Benevolent," before asking Candy to marry him. He tries to persuade her to marry him, but Candy simply believes that he is losing his mind. Candy tells him to "get real." Bluster quickly thinks up an idea to marry her: he tells her that if she is his widow, she will inherit everything he has, including his barrelworks factory. Candy begins to change her mind after hearing this.

At King K. Rool's hideout, the crocodile king is impatiently waiting for Krusha. When the Kremling arrives, suddenly standing before him, he presents King K. Rool with the Crystal Coconut, and the king finally has the coconut in his possession.

Meanwhile, Donkey and Diddy Kong are sitting on a log in the jungle, talking about the same movie from earlier. Suddenly, Donkey Kong notices Bluster nearby holding a piece of paper. When the ape asks what it is, Bluster replies by saying that it is the blueprint for "Bluster the Benevolent's memorial." Diddy does not understand why he is having a memorial about himself, so Bluster, thinking they are trying to spare him, says that he knows they were talking about him only having a week to live. Donkey Kong reveals that they were really talking about Cranky's X-ray machine, not Bluster, but the ape still does not believe them. He tells them that he has already set everything up with a 50 foot life-like statue, which the two Kongs find to be quite a lot. Donkey Kong continues to tell him that he is going to be around much longer than a week, but the ape is still not convinced and leaves. Diddy finds his memorial plans humorous, but agrees with DK that they need to get the wealthy primate to believe them, or else he will continue to cause trouble for the island with his good deeds.

Back at the Kremling hideout, King K. Rool and all of his troops are celebrating, as they have finally gotten the Crystal Coconut. King K. Rool begins to sing about his victory and his power with the Crystal Coconut. At the end of the song, Bluster rides into the hideout in a mine cart and confronts the Kremling king, who is bewildered at being opposed by the business ape.

Meanwhile, DK and Diddy inform Cranky of the drive of Bluster's heroic antics. Having a low opinion of Bluster's plans, Cranky recommends giving him an old cherry soda next to a "supersonic mega-punch pack", tricking him into thinking the beverage is a miraculous medicine that can cure him. Before Diddy can grab the soda, Dixie dashes into the cabin, panicking. She tells them that King K. Rool has stolen the Coconut, but Cranky assures her that it is right in its place. However, when he checks the orb that it is usually placed in, he finds it to be missing, making the Kongs shocked. In addition to the Crystal Coconut being stolen, Dixie also informs them that Bluster is heading over to stop King K. Rool. The four know he stands no chance of defeating the Kremlings, so Donkey and Diddy get going to save him with the bottle in their hands. However, DK grabbed the wrong bottle before leaving.

When the Kongs arrive, they find that Bluster has already confronted the Kremlings. Bluster tells the Kremling king that he has nothing to lose, but is then interrupted by Donkey and Diddy hiding nearby. They give him the "soda", explaining that it has cured him after he drinks it. Bluster begins to rejoice that he is now cured, but an irratated King K. Rool commands the Kritter troops to attack him.

However, before they can, Bluster begins to move rapidly. Diddy realizes that Donkey Kong had actually given him the "supersonic mega-punch pack" instead of the soda. Suddenly, Bluster becomes extremely powerful and races through the crowds of Kritter troops, defeating much of the army. King K. Rool tries to escape by raising the platform he is standing on, but falls off when Bluster breaks the pole supporting it. He drops the Crystal Coconut, which then lands in the hands of Bluster Kong, who announces that he has saved the day.

Later at Bluster Barrelworks, Bluster, not wanting their gratitude, offers the Kongs a large portrait of himself as a gift. Bluster explains that he wants it to serve as an honor, but before he can finish speaking, the potion he had been given earlier wears off, as foretold by Cranky, and causes him to drop the portrait on himself, ruining it. With that, the other Kongs leave, even though Bluster still wants to give a speech. Left alone in his ruined portrait, Bluster repeats K. Rool's defeated statement, "One minute you're up, the next minute you're down."



  • At the beginning of two scenes from the episode, Diddy and Donkey Kong are discussing about a movie where a "giant lizard" fights against a "giant ape". Considering how the episode first aired in 1997, the two primates are probably referencing the 1962 movie King Kong vs. Godzilla[1]. However, as opposed to the episode, the character King Kong[2] is considered the winner of the battle over Godzilla[3] in the real movie. That way, Diddy arguing against the victory of the "giant lizard" could be a joke about fans critiquing the real movie for depicting King Kong as the winner.
  • This could be the only episode where Klump is absent.
    • Ironically, in the 2021 movie Godzilla vs. Kong[4], Godzilla comes out as victorious after similar battle between the two giant monsters.