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ExitIsNearSign Frantic Factory ExitSign
Frantic Factory - Lobby
World(s) K. Rool's Mobile Island Fortress
Type Factory
Music Theme(s) Lobby, Theme, Production Room , Research & Development, Conveyor Belt, Mad Jack (Boss) Theme, Car Race
Requirement(s) Using a Boss Key to open the second lock on K. Lumsy's cage,
15 Golden Bananas
Animal Buddies None

Notable Feature(s) Chunky Kong is unlocked as a playable character in the level. There is also an Arcade machine where it is possible to play the original Donkey Kong game.
Enemies Encountered Kasplats, Krobots, Kritters, Mecha-Zingers, Mr. Dices, Sir Dominos, Super Blocks, Rulers, Toy Monster (mini-boss), Mad Jack (boss)
Game(s) Donkey Kong 64
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)

Frantic Factory is the third level in the game Donkey Kong 64. Being located inside a room of the K. Rool's Mobile Island Fortress, the entry to it requires the player first to use a Boss Key to open the second lock on K. Lumsy's cage, and they must collect at least fifteen Golden Bananas.

The level is a dangerous toy factory. Chunky Kong is held captive here, becoming a playable character after he is released. The area's boss is Mad Jack, the evil Jack-in-the-Box, being faced by Tiny Kong. It also has a mini-boss known as the Toy Monster, an amagalmation made of regular enemies found throughout the level.

This stage is notable for having an arcade machine with the original Donkey Kong game. Completing this game will award Donkey Kong with a Golden Banana and, later, the Nintendo Coin. This stage is also notable for its maze-like nature, giving it its name.


  • Lobby- Where visitors to the factory first enter. It includes a large red circular rug and a time clock where employees punch in. On the same floor, in a separate room accessible from Testing, is Snide's Hideout.
  • Production- A floor below the lobby (and also below ground) is the Production floor. This floor includes the huge Machine, or Tower, where the music changes. The rest of this floor includes Candy's shop and Cranky's lab, plus the electrical house, which controls the machine.
  • Testing- The testing floor, near the top of the factory, is a very tall room filled with giant toy blocks. Diddy Kong can Simian Spring to the top of these blocks, where there are windows all around. The moon can be seen from these windows. Funky's shop is on this floor, along with a 16-number puzzle for DK, a dart game for Tiny and a window where the Arcade room can be seen on the same floor.
  • R&D- A research and development area at the top of the factory, surrounding the upper areas of the Testing room. It is a large area with many rooms where the Kongs each face a challenge. For example, Lanky faces a "Simian Says" game where he has to copy burping Kremlings by playing a six-note colored piano. Tiny has her first race with the Kremling car in this level. Small pits with metal grates circle the area. Also, there is a pit without a pole (which is the only area without where it can be found in closest to the R&D area's Kasplat) that leads to the storage room where a Kong will land on the steel platform.


Golden Bananas[]

Frantic Factory
Kong Banana 1 Banana 2 Banana 3 Banana 4 Blueprint
Donkey Kong After completing the Barrel Blast Challenge in the storage room, DK can play the old Donkey Kong game for a Golden Banana and twice for a Nintendo Coin. Behind the gate to the testing area, DK can Simian Slam the DK switch to activate the numbers and Simian Slam the numbers descending from 16. DK can blast the coconut switch beside the electrical house by the Production Room's machine. Dk can go in a Gorilla Grab the switch to turn on the Factory's main core. He'll receive a Golden Banana if done. Once the power is on, the gate in front of Bananaporter 4 will open and DK can use strong Kong to make his way through various mechanical engines to the Golden Banana. DK's Kasplat is near the tip of the core. DK can blast him with his Coconut Shooter to grab the blueprint.
Diddy Kong Diddy can Simian Slam a Diddy switch and make a Diddy pad appear near the top of the Factory core. Diddy can go up there and spring on his pad to a Golden Banana. In the Testing Depo, Diddy can hop on his pad and spring atop a pile of ABC blocks to a Bonus Game. Once won, he can win a Golden Banana. In R&D, Diddy can play his guitar to enter a room with numbers and three doors. By chimpy charging various numbers, the corusponding door will flourish mechanical enemies. Once each of the door's enemy supply is out a Golden Banana will appear. By the Production Room's Power House, Diddy can slam his switch and swing to a Bonus Barrel to win a Golden Banana. Down the hall by the ABC blocks, in the elevator quarter, Diddy can demolish his Kasplat for a blueprint.
Lanky Kong Lanky can slam his switch in the factory core to race up to his Golden Banana near the core's tip. Lanky can help Chunky escape his cage and get a Golden Banana In the Testing Depo, Lanky can baboon balloon up to a Bonus Barrel to win a Golden Banana. In an alcove in the R&D department, Lanky can play his trombone to enter a room. He must memorize the color sequence on the piano. Once successfully, a Golden Banana appears. Lanky's Kasplat is in R&D, so Lanky can get his blueprint fairly easily.
Tiny Kong Tiny must slam on her switch in the Factory's central core then race up to a Bonus Barrel and play the game for a Golden Banana. Tiny must turn tiny in the testing wing and glide through the small pipe to the Golden Banana right by the Donkey Kong arcade game. In the testing room by the ABC block stack, Tiny can shrink in her Tiny Barrel and go into a small alcove. Once inside she can play a round of darts (she must shoot whatever thing it says to on the wheel). Once complete a Golden banana will be in her wake. Tiny must shrink once more in the R&D facility. Right inside the hallway by Bananaporter 2, she can go into a tiny raceway and race the Kremling Car. Once beat and 10 DK coins have been acquired the car will give her a Golden Banana. Tiny's Kasplat is in the production section of the factory, right near the fire escape pole.
Chunky Kong Chunky must slam his switch near the Factory's central core and race up to his Golden banana in limited time. In the production room and behind where he was caged, Chunky can Primate Punch the gate barrier and go into the small, damp room. Once there he can smash the "?" box and slam the Chunky Switch to reveal an iron button with his face on it. Once done, he can punch the button with his face on it and snag the Golden Banana atop the moving lifts. Down the left hallway by the lobby, Chunky can Primate Punch the gate barrier to gander a Bonus Game for a Golden Banana In R&D, Chunky must Primate Punch the gate to get to his small alcove. Once he plays his triangle he can go inside the newly opened door. Once in, he must punch the iron Chunky button and beat all the freed enemies for a Golden Banana. Chunky's Kasplat is in the testing room by the ABC blocks. Once defeated his blueprint will be succumbed.



Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name Meaning/Translation
French Usine Pas Fine Unkind Factory
German Fabrik Fatal Fatal Factory
Italian La Fabbrica Frenetica The Frenetic Factory
Japanese マッドファクトリー
Maddo Fakutorī
Mad Factory
Spanish Fábrica Frenética Frenetic Factory