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Title card for the episode.

Four Weddings and a Coconut is the thirty-second episode of the Donkey Kong Country animated series.

The episode starts at Bluster Barrelworks, where Candy Kong is working, until Bluster arrives. He states that, someday, all the factory could be in her possession. She pushes Bluster and he falls on the ground. Candy wants to finish her job early to have lunch with Donkey Kong. Bluster says DK's nothing compared to him and Candy replies, saying that Donkey Kong loves her and can do anything for her. Bluster challenges her, wanting to be sure if DK will marry her. Candy is sure that Donkey Kong will want to do it. Slapping her fingers in front of Bluster makes him to be trapped in a barrel.

Donkey Kong and Diddy are arriving in the factory, where DK asks Candy if he can go fishing with his little buddy instead of have lunch with her. Candy leaves the factory and want to ask DK to be wed with her. He says he and Diddy have a "very important business" to care, with Diddy slightly laughing while hiding the fishing pole behind him. Candy accepts it and wants to ask something for him to return the favor. She asks to be wed with Donkey Kong, what shocks him. He finds a way to run away from the place, leaving Diddy and Candy there. Bluster, who still inside the barrel, taunts Candy.

In the jungle, Diddy is looking for Donkey Kong, when a banana peel falls in his cap and he notices DK on a tree. He asks the little monkey if Candy is with him and jumps from the tree when he's sure Candy is not there. Donkey Kong thinks that the Crystal Coconut can answer him if he can or cannot marry Candy.

At Cranky's Treehouse, DK is told that there is nothing that can prevent his marriage with Candy. Cranky confirms it and Donkey Kong collapses.

In the jungle, Diddy is talking to DK about the things he will not need anymore after he gets wed (such as his house) while Donkey Kong is trying to find a good manner to ask Candy to marry with him. The two apes can't notice General Klump and Krusha hearing the conversation from behind a bush. The two Kremlings go to tell King K. Rool about it.

At King K. Rool's hideout, Klump tells him about the wedding, making King K. Rool very excited about it, since he loves weddings. He starts to dance with Klump and goes to get ready for the ceremony.

Meanwhile, Diddy wants DK to ask Candy to marry him and pulls him into the entrance of Bluster Barrelworks, but Donkey Kong is very nervous and says that he can't do it. He and Diddy start to sing. Diddy tells him that Candy just wants to show Bluster that he can marry her, but she will not really accept. After that, DK enters the factory.

Inside Bluster Barrelworks, Bluster is trying to convince Candy to marry him, and if she do that, all that is his is hers (except what is written on his pre-nuptial agreement). Donkey Kong arrives and he and Bluster start to discuss. Candy is angrily leaving, when DK gives her a piece of the bouquet he bought to her. Nevertheless, Candy still angry. Donkey Kong tries to ask Candy for her to marry him, but he can't speak. Bluster ask her the same thing, when DK kneels in front of Candy and wants to kiss her hand, but ends up kissing Bluster's hand mistakenly. Again, Candy wants to go out, just to DK to stop her and ask she to be wed with him. She accepts and DK collapses again.

Diddy spies in the door and enters the factory. DK says him that he was wrong and Candy really wants to marry him. Candy gets sad and asks DK if he really doesn't want to marry her. He says that he does and gets angry at Diddy, who runs away. Candy thinks that he can always change mind, making Donkey Kong happy, however, he says that he'll not change mind. At this time, Cranky arrives at the factory as a hologram and tells DK that he found a way of prevent DK and Candy's wedding. Donkey Kong hides Cranky, but the old monkey says that the future ruler of Kongo Bongo can marry only with the permission of Inka Dinka Doo. This makes DK very happy, but he hides his happiness from Candy. He rushes at Inka Dinka Doo's Temple.

At the Temple, Donkey Kong and Diddy find Inka Dinka Doo, that gets angry because they were disturbing him. Donkey Kong tells him what happened, and he allows DK to marry Candy, in a way that the two apes can't understand. Inka Dinka Doo gets even more angry and the two monkeys rush out of the Temple.

Diddy tells DK that he doesn't need to say the true for Candy, but Donkey Kong doesn't want to lie for her and goes back to the Temple while Diddy goes back to the jungle. Donkey Kong is walking in the Temple, but falls in a trapdoor.

Near Funky's Flights, Funky is trying to surf, but falls from the board, when Dixie Kong and Candy arrive there and ask Funky to deliver the invitations for Donkey Kong and Candy's wedding. Funky goes to his plane.

In Inka Dinka Doo's Temple, Donkey Kong falls through the trapdoor and hits the ground, and accidentally steps in a trap block in the floor. Suddently, infinite pointed wooden stakes start crossing the place and DK crouches and slowly moves while asking for help.

Meanwhile, in King K. Rool's hideout, K. Rool, with music, begins to dance, while General Klump and Krusha dance together. Krusha steps on Klump and King K. Rool's foot and the two jumps on one foot. He watches them and does the same. Funky arrives and gives invitations only for Klump and Krusha, making K. Rool angry.

Next day, Diddy looks for Donkey Kong at Cranky's Treehouse, when Cranky says he thought Donkey Kong was with him. Diddy realizes that Donkey Kong maybe still in the temple.

Meanwhile, Donkey Kong is rushing inside the temple, but stops and leans in a brick in the wall, making a trapdoor appear in the roof. DK watches it and takes a step back. He steps in another brick and the temple turns upside-down, making DK drop inside the door.

Skipping back to Cranky's place, Candy is in a wedding dress and awaiting for DK. Diddy starts to quiver on fear while Cranky tries to explain her that Donkey Kong still didn't get out of Inka Dinka Doo's temple, which makes Candy sad. Bluster tries to go back to his factory, just to be stopped by Candy, who wants to get merried that day, even if it has to be with Bluster. This shocks Cranky, Diddy and Funky.

At Inka Dinka Doo's temple, DK falls and hit the ground, where he finds a ring. Inka Dinka Doo says he and Candy can marry and congratulates him. DK gets inside another trapdoor that leads him out of the temple. He realizes he is starving, when Inka Dinka Doo yells at him, making DK run. In the treehouse, Cranky starts the ceremony. Donkey Kong is running through the jungle, when he finds some banana bunches. He stops to get them, when he is surrounded by General Klump, Krusha and King K. Rool. DK tries to escape, but Krusha and three Kritters don't let him go.

Cranky proceeds with the wedding, while King K. Rool and Klump sneak into Cranky's Treehouse.

Donkey Kong, who still blocked by K. Rool's minions, says that he thinks it's not fair if they don't let him to go to his own wedding and Krusha explains how he wants to dance in the ceremony. Donkey Kong starts to sing and teaches Krusha and the Kritters to dance. This helps DK to rush to the treehouse.

At the ceremony, Cranky is almost finishing the wedding when DK shows up and jumps at Bluster. K. Rool and Klump think about how to open the orb, when Candy and DK hit Cranky's scepter on the floor, causeing the Crystal Coconut to appear. The Kremlings get the Coconut and rush from the place. Diddy notices it and warns everybody. Cranky orders DK to stop them, but he refuses to go anywhere until the ceremony is over. Hearing that, Cranky proceeds with it quickly and Candy stops him, and thinks DK must go save the Crystal Coconut. DK agrees and chases them.

King K. Rool and Klump run in the jungle and realize Krusha and the Kritters dancing. DK arrives and sings and Krusha spins King K. Rool and throw the Crystal Coconut back to DK.

Back to the treehouse, Donkey Kong is back, but Diddy is disappointed because there will not be a wedding party anymore. DK tells Diddy to cheer up and they all have a party.


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