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Fossil Canyon
Fossil canyon 64
Location Dino Domain
Requirement(s) 2 Golden Balloons (regular course),
7 Golden Balloons (Coin Challenge course)
Vehicle Type(s) Car, Hovercraft & Plane
Game(s) Diddy Kong Racing,
Diddy Kong Racing DS
First Appearance Diddy Kong Racing (1997)
Latest Appearance Diddy Kong Racing DS (2007)
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Fossil Canyon is the second track in the game Diddy Kong Racing and its remake, Diddy Kong Racing DS. Two Golden Balloons are needed to gain access to this course, and after Tricky the Triceratops is defeated the first time, the player needs seven balloons for the second challenge.

Course Layout[]

The track begins with a straight pathway leading to a dinosaur. A zipper can be found to the left of this road to give players an extra speed boost. Some palm trees are also located around the area, and can slow players down when hit. Two roads appear. One leads to a dinosaur, while the other leans left, where racers can find another zipper on the right side of the road. Riding forward in this part of the track takes racers to a small lake, with the rest of the road curving around it. A long tunnel is found ad the end of the curve. The tunnel's interior consists of a sharp turn at its entrance, followed by a straight pathway down the area. Another sharp turn at the end of this pathway leads players to another zipper where the waterfall is nearby. The tunnel's exit is right after this turn. After going through a short ramp, players will land on the road. A fork-in-the-road can be found here. The left passage is shorter, but contains less items and is noticeably much bumpier and thinner. The two pathways soon meet up as the track nears its end, where racers will hit another large bump to find their way off of the road. A straight pathway from here can take the players across the finish line.

Coin Challenge Locations[]

Fossil canyon map

Map of Fossil Canyon showing Silver Coin locations.

Like the other levels, Fossil Canyon is filled with eight Silver Coins, scattered all around the area. However, the coins only appear once the player has beaten Tricky the Triceratops once.

  1. The first coin can be found in the center of the track near the first zipper.
  2. The next coin is located right after the first set of balloons on the side of the road. In the Nintendo DS remake of the game, it is instead in the center of the track.
  3. The third coin can be found shortly after the second zipper.
  4. Not too long after the second zipper, a lake can be found to the left of the track. The coin is along the edge of this lake near a tunnel.
  5. Right by the third zipper, racers can find the next coin.
  6. The sixth coin is located before a small bump outside of a tunnel.
  7. On the fork-in-the-road, a coin can be found in the route to the right.
  8. On the left route in the fork, racers can find the final coin.


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