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Follow That Coconut

"Follow That Coconut" is the thirty-third episode of the Donkey Kong Country television series.

One day before the annual soccer game against the Kremlings, Diddy asks Donkey Kong if he is nervous about the game which he asks why he should be nervous. Diddy reminds DK that he is the star player and that he has not practiced yet and also because if they lose it will be the first time ever but DK does not seems worried. DK decides to practice with a coconut that he found. Meanwhile, Klump and Krusha spy on the Kongs from behind a fake bush until DK kicks the coconut ball, landing on the Kremlings and exposing them behind the bush but they run away when DK and Diddy start going after them with Krusha taking the ball.

At the hideout, Krusha and Klump are playing with the coconut ball until King K. Rool comes and reminds them not to play indoors, but then thinks the ball is actually the Crystal Coconut. Klump tells King K. Rool that he is mistaken, which angers him at first, but he is soon inspired to switch the coconut with the real Crystal Coconut.

Meanwhile at Cranky's Cabin, Cranky Kong, who is the coach for the soccer team, is going over his winning and complicated play he discussed with Bluster Kong and Eddie the Mean Old Yeti with DK and Diddy. The two Kongs get funny and throw paper airplanes at Cranky which he gets angry and leaves. This leaves Klump and Krusha perfect timing to come in and switch the regular coconut with the Crystal Coconut.

Over at the barrel factory, Cranky tries to ask Bluster if he remembers his winning soccer play but Bluster is unable to hear him over the loud noise of the factory. Cranky instead tries to remember the play himself, and eventually suceeds.

Back at the cabin, Klump calls the Kongs out and DK sees Klump with the regular coconut thinking that he has the Crystal Coconut. Klump acts like he does have it and throws it with DK catching it. When he and Diddy try to put the coconut back in the case they see the real Crystal Coconut already there and get confused. Klump then takes the real coconut and despite DK's efforts, the Kremlings run off with it, trampling Cranky on their way out, making him forget the play once more.

DK and Diddy try to explain to Cranky that they were protecting the Crystal Coconut but he just blames DK for making him forget his winning play. DK suggest to Cranky that the Crystal Coconut can help him remember, and Cranky happily says that this is the first intelligent thing that DK ever said, and tries to use the coconut that is in the cabin, not knowing that it is fake. Upon learning this, he becomes sorrowful that the Kremlings have the coconut, and scolds DK and Diddy for letting it happen and sends them to set things right. Meanwhile, King K. Rool is cheerfully singing over his victory.

On their way to the hideout, DK and Diddy are practicing soccer with the regular coconut when Diddy suggest that they should fool the Kremlings the same way they themselves had been fooled. Once King K. Rool and Klump are asleep, the Kongs invite Krusha to play soccer and tell him to bring his own ball. Krusha wonders where a ball is and takes the Crystal Coconut from a sleeping King K. Rool. DK, Diddy and Krusha start playing until Krusha accidentally kicks a big rock which wakes Klump up. Krusha kicks the Crystal Coconut to the Kongs but when Diddy tries to switch the coconuts, Klump catches him. Both the Kongs and the Kremlings start fighting over the real Crystal Coconut, which ends up with the Kongs, while the Kremlings are left with the fake (which they believe is the real one).

DK and Diddy return to Cranky's Cabin with the Crystal Coconut and find a note left by Cranky. DK wonders why Cranky did not send his hologram but the note answers his question when it says, "I didn't send my hologram because you two chuckleheads lost my Crystal Coconut." Cranky also says in his note that he went to the White Mountains to ask Eddie the Yeti about the winning soccer play and that if they retrieved back the Crystal Coconut, they should bring it to him. Donkey Kong wonders why but the note strangely says "Stop asking questions and just do it you numbskull."

Meanwhile at the White Mountains, Cranky asks Eddie if he knows the winning soccer play but Eddie forgets and asks Cranky who he is. Eddie remembers and then Cranky asks about the play they discussed with Bluster, with Eddie asking who Bluster is. After Cranky asks again, Eddie shows the winning play that he kept in his diary.

Back at the hideout Klump tries to give back the "Crystal Coconut" to King K. Rool while he is asleep, only to wake up and find out that the coconut is fake. He has enough of his cronies failing, so he decides to once again switch the coconut himself and they all head off to the White Mountains.

At the White Mountains, DK and Diddy are looking for Cranky, only to end up running into the Kremlings, causing both to drop their coconuts. When DK picks up both of them, King K. Rool grabs Diddy and threatens to drop him if DK does not give him the Crystal Coconut. DK kicks both coconuts at King K. Rool, who drops Diddy and the fake coconut, which breaks. The Kremlings are then buried in snow while DK rescues Diddy, who had managed to grab on to a branch after K. Rool dropped him. DK picks up the Crystal Coconut and wonders if it is the real one or the fake one. He reveals it to be the real Crystal Coconut after all. Cranky shows up and DK tells him that they have saved the Coconut, with Cranky quoting, "You think just because I'm old, I can't see?" DK asks him if he remembers his famous soccer play, and Cranky tells him that it is called "The Big Switcheroo" which involves switching the real soccer ball with a fake one. The closing shot is of the Kremlings covered in snow, with King K. Rool apparently coming down with a cold.


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