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Artwork of Fluff.

Fluff is a member of the Snowmads appearing as an enemy in the game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze


Fluff can be seen as a male blue-eyed rabbit, with brown fur on its body and white fur on its hands, chest, and feet. He also has a white beard, white eyebrows, and a white ponytail. Fluff also wears hair ties securing the fluff's ponytail, his beard, and even on his ears. The fluff wears striped pants with both blues light-and-dark-coloured.

Game Appearance and Strategy

Judging that Fluffs are rabbits, they tend to hop as they roam in the game. They can be easily be defeated with a single jump on their head. But if the players are not careful, a fluff can kick their playing Kong.

Notable Fluffs