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Flip-Flap's artwork from DK: King of Swing.
Homeland Fungi Forest
Origin of Species Bat
Sub-Species None

Leader(s) King K. Rool
Affiliations Kremling Krew
Enemies Kong Family
Game(s) Donkey Kong 64
DK: King of Swing
Donkey Kong Barrel Blast
DK: Jungle Climber

Flip-Flaps are a species of bat-like creatures that have acted as recurring enemies in the series since their debut in Donkey Kong 64.


Donkey Kong 64[]

Flip-Flaps make their first appearance in Donkey Kong 64 and are located at Fungi Forest and Creepy Castle as night enemies who act like dive-bombing Zingers by swooping down quickly to attack the Kongs and in order to defeat him, one of the five Kongs must use one of their weapons to attack it. Zingers replace Flip-Flaps at daytime in Fungi Forest, but can't throw Orange Grenades.

DK: King of Swing[]

Flip-Flaps make another reappearance in DK: King of Swing with no substantial changes, except that they can't throw Orange Grenades. They are found in many places in cavern levels. They mark their first level appearance in Contraption Cave.

Donkey Kong Barrel Blast[]

They don't do much in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, but are obstacles in the course, Mt. Dynamite.

DK: Jungle Climber[]

They make their most recent reappearance in DK: Jungle Climber where they are mainly found in spooky forests and eerie-like areas.



The unnamed bat-like enemy.

  • Prior to their debut, an unnamed bat-like enemy appeared in the original Donkey Kong for the Game Boy, these enemies could be considered the predecessors to Flip-Flaps.