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Fish Poker Pops

Artwork of Fish Poker Pops.

Fish Poker Pops is a type of Waldough appearing as a large enemy in the game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Fish Poker Pops seems to be a member of the Snowmads.


Fish Poker Pops appears as a large greyish-brown male bipedal walrus with a large blonde mustache. He wears a Viking helmet with overalls made of wool with a Snowmad Insignia. He also has blue paint all over his wrists. He is seen carrying a stick with blowfish biting on each ends of the pole using it as a weapon.

Game Appearance and Strategy

In the game, Fish Poker Pops infiltrates arenas of stages. He'll pursue with his stick when he spots a Kong. He'll even sense when a Kong appears without looking and turn around. Fish Poker Pops will try to hit the following Kong with his stick by raising it up, and swinging it down hard. The Fish Poker Pops appears to be the toughest enemy since he wears a helmet on his head preventing jump attacks, that he holds the stick with blowfishes in front and back preventing roll attacks, that he raises his stick high enough to make it impassable, and that he is large. To defeat Pops, a Kong should roll attack him thrice in the front when he rises his stick before he slams it down, or when he's stunned by a ground pound. He can easily be defeated by throwing a barrel or an enemy such as Tuff Tuck at him.