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Fire Necky
Fire Necky's artwork from DK: King of Swing.
Alias(es) Flaming Falcon, Boss of the Neckies

Residence(s) Wild West World
Family Neckies
Species Necky

Powers/Abilities Unlimited supply of rocks
Enemies Donkey Kong,
Diddy Kong
Kong Family
Game(s) DK: King of Swing

Fire Necky is a large flaming Necky in the game DK: King of Swing. It is the boss of Wild West World.


Fire Necky Battle - DK King of Swing

Donkey battling Fire Necky.

Fire Necky is encountered by Donkey Kong in the level "Fire Necky's Nest" in the area Wild West World. Fire Necky would attack Donkey Kong by trying to fly into him and engulf him in its flaming body. Donkey must avoid this attack and wait for Fire Necky to start spitting flaming rocks at him; Donkey must wait for these rocks to become extinguished and grab them when they do so. These rocks must then be thrown at Fire Necky. After being hit multiple times, Fire Necky will finally be grounded. Donkey can then collect the DK Medal that Fire Necky was guarding.


  • In the DK: King of Swing manual, Fire Necky is described as the "boss of the Neckies" however, Master Necky Snr., the sixth boss of Donkey Kong Country and guardian of the Chimp Caverns, is rumored to be the leader of the Neckies.
    • It is possible that Fire Necky took rule after Master Necky Snr.'s defeat.