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Fire Mountain is the battle stage for Dino Domain in Diddy Kong Racing and its DS remake. In the original this game can be played after obtaining the key hidden in Ancient Lake, but in the DS version, it is only playable in multiplayer mode.


The aim here is to hatch three baby dinosaurs before any of your opponents do. Swoop down to collect your first egg from the center of the arena, then quickly return it to your nest. Each of the four nests are clearly marked with a picture of its corresponding racer. The hatching process begins when each egg is deposited into the nest by pressing the Z button. For a few seconds the egg icon beneath your racer's image at the top of the screen will flash. At this time only, the egg is vulnerable to the thieving intentions of your rivals! Defend your nest well and the dino will hatch, leaving you free to scramble for the new egg that appears in the arena below.

–Description from the Diddy Kong Racing Instruction Booklet

Course layout[]

The stage is shaped like a large circle. A few dinosaur eggs can be found in a nest located in the center of the stage. These eggs can be taken at any time, and more eggs will appear after a certain amount of time. In the higher areas of the stage, four small individual nests can be found, with each one belonging to one of the players. A picture of the player's character can be found above the nest, which shows who the nest belongs to.

Fire Mountain

In the DS remake, some green grass is added in this battle course.


The objective of the game involves the player getting three hatched dinosaur eggs into their respective nest. Eggs can be obtained from the stage and by stealing them from enemies. When an egg is placed on the nest, it will take a while to hatch. When it is still attempting to hatch, opponents can steal it. Items are located around the stage. These can be used to stun opponents and steal their eggs. After 3 eggs have hatched in one nest, the player who the nest belongs to will win.

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