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The Find the Exit! title screen from Donkey Kong Country (GBA)

Find the Exit! is a type of Bonus Stage from the SNES version of Donkey Kong Country, as well as the GBA version of Donkey Kong Country. It is very similar to the other Bonus Stage Collect the Prizes!.

In this Bonus Stage, the player is sent to an area, ranging from sizes of large to small, containing items such as Bananas. Obstacles, such as ropes over cliffs, are put in the player's path to the exit, hence this type of Bonus Stage's name. The player must pass by the obstacles to exit the Bonus Stage. Collecting all the items is not required to advance the game's percentage.


Below is a list of stages where the Find the Exit! Bonus Stage appears.


  • Find the Exit! is the most plentiful Bonus Stage in Donkey Kong Country, appearing a total of eighteen times throughout the GBA version of DKC.