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Tiny Kong with her Feather Bow.

The Feather Bow was a weapon used by Tiny Kong (and created by Funky Kong) during the events of Donkey Kong 64. As its name suggests, the Feather Bow is a crossbow that shoots feathers as projectiles.

It's considerably weaker than the other weapons, but can be shot quickly for more damage. It can activate Feather Switches and defeat certain enemies. The ammunition is small, so it is easily missed.


  • The Feather Bow is the only weapon that does not launch food.
  • Despite being small, it cannot be dual wielded like Diddy Kong's Peanut Popguns.
  • This is also the only weapon in the game that is not a gun.
  • In the official artworks of Tiny Kong wielding the Feather Bow, the feather is dark gray and present on the weapon before she ever fires it, and has the quill end of it near the grip area. In the game, the feathers are pink, have the quill ends facing the direction they're intended to go, and feathers are only visible after being discharged.
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