An Extra Life Balloon from Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D.

Extra Life Balloons are collectible and useful items in the Donkey Kong Country series. When a Kong gets one, they will get up to three extra lives, depending on the color of the balloon, from most to least common:

  • Red balloons are worth one life.
  • Green balloons are worth two extra lives.
  • Blue balloons, the rarest, are worth three lives.

They are usually found in secret places in levels or rewards for winning bonus games. In Donkey Kong Country Returns they are also on sale in Cranky's Shop for three - nine Banana Coins in total.

The face on the balloon varies per game (see gallery below). In Donkey Kong Country Returns, they do not have a face. In the first two Donkey Kong Land games, they had the same balloon designs as their Donkey Kong Country counterparts. Oddly, Donkey Kong Land III features Diddy Kong on the balloons, which is his only appearance in the game. The Donkey Kong Land series only features the red variety of balloons, due to lack of color.



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