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Map Durian Kingdom Map
Durian kingdom
Boss(es) Ninja Kong
Game(s) Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

The Durian Kingdom is the twelfth kingdom in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. The kingdom is a fortified mountain. The Durian Kingdom can be accessed by completing the 1st eight kingdoms and collecting 18 Crests. The Durian Kingdom is the territory of Ninja Kong.


Battle for Storm Hill[]

Battle for Storm Hill is the first stage of the Durian Kingdom. It takes place on a hill during a storm. Cannonballs rain from the sky, slowing down Donkey Kong. Ninjapes do a variety of things to slow down Donkey Kong, like throwing shuriken, manning cannons, and directly fighting him. Once he reaches the top of the hill, he enters a fort.

Aerie Fortress[]

Aerie Fortress is the final stage of the Durian Kingdom.It is basically a fort. Similar to the Battle for Storm Hill, Ninjapes try a variety of things to keep Donkey Kong at bay. At the end of the stage, Donkey Kong rides a Helibird to the top and escape from the fortress.


Donkey Kong faces Ninja Kong on hill in a rainstorm. Ninja Kong exhibits his fighting prowess, leaving small openings to land blows on him. With much of his health gone, Ninja Kong can only be damaged when Donkey Kong counterattacks his sneak attack during the latter's roundhouse kicks. After Ninja Kong's defeat by him, Donkey Kong becomes the new ruler of the Durian Kingdom.


  • It is possible that Durian Kingdom is the only kingdom that takes place in exactly the same area. At the end of Battle for Storm Hill, the goal is seen in the entrance to a fortress, much like the one seen in Aerie Fortress. During DK's battle with Ninja Kong, a fortress can be seen in the background that has been set on fire, which is what happens at the end of Aerie Fortress.