Dumb Drum
Dumb Drum's artwork as seen in Donkey Kong Country.

Residence(s) Kremkroc Industries, Inc.
Species Robot[1]

Powers/Abilities Fast dropping ability, can spawn enemies
Enemies Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong

Game(s) Donkey Kong Country

Dumb Drum is the fifth boss of Donkey Kong Country, in the world Kremkroc Industries, Inc., and in the stage "Boss Dumb Drum". He is heavily based off oil drums, drums that appear most notably in Oil Drum Alley.


When the battle starts, Dumb Drum will drop down from the ceiling, and must be avoided. This battle is unique from other battles in that it actually contains regular enemies. In fact, Dumb Drum's attack pattern is to drop down very fast, spawn 2 of an enemy (see below) and repeat, with tougher enemies and more dropping down after each "round".

After it disposes the last of the minions, Dumb Drum will be defeated and will explode. This makes this boss somewhat odd in that you never have to directly attack it, though in the Game Boy Advance version, TNT Barrels must be thrown at Dumb Drum to defeat it.




Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Boy Advance


  • In an early un-released addition of Donkey Kong Country, Dumb Drum's stage is shown to be different, as it is apparently set in a jungle of sorts. [1]


  1. Donkey Kong Country Player's Guide, Nintendo, 1994, p. 104

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