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Dumb Drum
Dumb Drum's artwork from the game Donkey Kong Country.

World(s) Kremkroc Industries, Inc.
Residence(s) Boss Dumb Drum
Family Oil Drum
Species Robot[1]

Affiliation(s) Kremling Krew,
King K. Rool
Powers/Abilities Dropping over and stomping enemies,
Spawning regular allies
Enemies Kong Family,
Donkey Kong,
Diddy Kong
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country (for SNES) (1994)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Country (for GBA) (2003)

Dumb Drum is the mechanical boss[1] of the Kremkroc Industries, Inc. world of the Donkey Kong Island, as well as the fifth boss in the game Donkey Kong Country. It's a bigger version of Oil Drums, drum enemies sporting skull and crossbones that also spawn regular enemies. The boss resides in the stage Boss Dumb Drum, preceded by the stage Blackout Basement in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy Color versions of the game, or preceded by the stage Mine Cart Madness in the Game Boy Advance version of the same game.

Boss Dumb Drum stage[]

As soon as entering the stage, the boss battle will start by Dumb Drum dropping down from the top of the screen, trying to stomp and harm the Kongs. The player must avoid touching the boss during this attack. This battle is unique from other boss battles in that it actually contains regular enemies. In fact, Dumb Drum's attack pattern is to drop down very fast, spawn two of an enemy type and repeat, with tougher enemies and dropping down more times after each phase. The player must defeat the enemies to progress the boss battle.

In the SNES and GBC versions of the game, after the player defeats the last of the minions, Dumb Drum will be defeated and will break apart. This makes this boss somewhat odd in that the player never has to directly attack it.

However, in the GBA version of the same game, after the player defeats two enemies during each phase, Dumb Drum will resume its stomping attack and a TNT Barrel will appear on the arena. The player must pick the barrel up and throw it at the boss in order to harm Dumb Drum. Unlike the SNES and GBC game versions, the boss will keep using the stomping attack until defeating both primates, or being harmed by an explosive barrel. Dumb Drum will be defeated after receiving five hits from TNT Barrels thrown at it.

After Dumb Drum is defeated, the player can access the world Chimp Caverns.




Super Nintendo Entertainment System version[]

Game Boy Color version[]

Game Boy Advance version[]



  • In an early version of the game Donkey Kong Country for SNES, Dumb Drum's stage is shown to be different, as it is apparently set in a jungle terrain.[2]
  • In the GBA version of the game Donkey Kong Country, Cranky Kong's commentary after Dumb Drum being defeated (see Videos section above) seems to imply that King K. Rool, or specifically Baron K. Roolenstein, would build the robot KAOS later during the events of the game Donkey Kong Country 3.


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