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A set of Duckpins as seen in the game Donkey Kong Country Returns for Wii.

Duckpins are odd, bowling pin-like birds found only in the Beach level Blowhole Bound in the games Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. The Kongs can knock them down by rolling close by. If Donkey and/or Diddy Kong successfully roll over each complete set of Duckpins, Banana Coins and a big Banana Bunch will appear. There are only nineteen Duckpins in the level.


Duckpins have white feathers and blue collars, and also have black eyes. They have long yellow beaks and have three white feathers sticking out of the top of their heads. They also have two wings, as they are birds.


  • Duckpins are considered enemies, though they do not harm the Kongs.