Drumstick the Rooster
Drumstick from Diddy Kong Racing
Full Name Drumstick
Residence Timber's Island
Species Chicken
Gender Male

Games Diddy Kong Racing
Diddy Kong Racing DS

Drumstick the Rooster is a character in Diddy Kong Racing. He is a chicken dressed in overalls and is also one of the best drivers on Timber's Island. He was the first one to fight Wizpig when he came to the island, but lost and was turned into a frog because of a spell.

To unlock him as a playable character, you must get all four Grand Prix trophies then run over the frog with the rooster crest on its head. In the DS version, it's a slightly different task: you must use your stylus to flip one of the frogs up into the pond above, then run it over.


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