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Dread Kong
Dread Kong
Dread Kong's artwork from Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Residence(s) Banana Kingdom
Species Kong

Enemies Donkey Kong (formerly)
Game(s) Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Dread Kong is a large, intimidating Kong and the first Kong boss, and is overall, the very first boss fight in the game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.

He is the ruler of the Banana Kingdom, which is the first kingdom Donkey Kong ventures through. Despite his fearsome appearance, Dread Kong is actually the weakest of the Kongs that appears in the game, and as such, he was easily defeated by Donkey Kong in their battle on the treetops.


Dread Kong is an ape, true to his name, his hair is in dreadlocks, he has light yellow teeth and black eyes with red eyelids, he has dark brown fur with some grey fur on his wrist, he has tan skin. In terms of size, he is somewhat taller than Donkey Kong.

Boss Battle[]

The battle takes place on the treetops at night time, the game-play for this boss battle is very much like Punch Out! (which will be the main theme for the later three Kong battles), Dread Kong will attack by punching at Donkey Kong, the player must avoid a punch from Dread Kong so that Donkey Kong can do a counter strike on Dread Kong and land a major beat down on the Kong, the player can also do some points of punching without doing counters strike if they wish.

Once Dread Kong loses one-third of his health, he becomes more aggressive, the battle remains the same, the difference is that Donkey Kong must do a counter strike by avoiding Dread Kong's punch in order to do damage, as if Donkey Kong tries to punch Dread Kong while he is aware, Dread Kong will simply avoid Donkey Kong's swings.

Dread Kong later appears at the end of game ceremony where he, along with the other Kongs faced, honour Donkey Kong's victory over the evil Ghastly King.


  • The name Dread Kong is probably derived from the dreadlocks Dread Kong has in his hair.