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Double Tusk
Double tusk 01 595
Double Tusk's artwork.

Species Tusks
Gender Male and Female

Powers/Abilities Shooting cannonballs,
Sucking air,
Shooting energy lasers
Enemies Donkey Kong
Game(s) Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
First Appearance Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (for GameCube) (2004)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (for Wii) (2009)

The Double Tusk are the bosses of the Lychee Kingdom in the game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. They are both the fourth and fifth Tusk bosses, as well as the final Tusk bosses in the game.


As their name suggests, the Double Tusk are a duo of robotic elephants. While both Tusks have red eyes with black eyelids, silver tusks and black toes, each Tusk has its own color. The first one has colored camouflage similar to the boss Turret Tusk, although it's white with black splotches, like a cow. The second Tusk is colored in shiny brown similar to the boss Grave Tusk, though it's golden brown, like a bull.

Boss Battle[]

The Double Tusk attack in similar way to the past three Tusk bosses. They will shoot cannonballs, and they will occasionally move their heads down or up to aim the cannonballs. However, the bosses share the same health between them, with each one having 250 health points. To harm them, Donkey Kong must throw one of the Pineapple Bombs at a Tusk's trunk as they suck up air, and then throw many Pineapple Bombs at the same Tusk's heart. Also, the Double Tusk do not get angry when their health is low. Rather, they become angry when one of the Tusks is destroyed. After the first Tusk is defeated, the second one will turn its trunk into a laser cannon and shoot energy lasers.


  • If Double Tusk are considered as two separated bosses, they both have the lowest amount of health between any bosses in the game, having only 250 health points each.
  • It's possible to have both Tusks to suck a Pineapple Bomb by throwing the falling Tusk's Pineapple Bomb at the other Tusk as it sucks up air.