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A talk page is where discussions or comments regarding the corresponding page takes place. It exists for all pages and is linked by the "discussion" tab.

General guidelines

  • New topics should go at the bottom of a talk page under their own section header, unless they would be more appropriate as a subheading of an existing topic or section.
  • Talk page comments should be signed for identification
  • Avoid modifying comments made by other users.
  • Avoid modifying your own comments if other users have replied to it, unless it is to correct typos, sentence structure, or show a change in idea. Using a strikethrough is much preferable.
  • It is acceptable to edit existing comments to clean up formatting for readability. An example of this is scaling down an image size.

Removal of talk page content

  • Users can not remove anything from any talk page, with the following exceptions:
    • Removal of clear vandalism and spam.
    • Removal of links to sites with offensive material.


An archive is essentially an old talk page. Archiving is used to clean up an excessively long talk page and provide easily accessible references for past discussions. Archives can be added to any talk page on Donkey Kong Wiki. This guideline will explain how to archive and offer some tips on what to avoid. To archive, simply move the content to User talk:(User Name)/Archive (Current number of archives plus 1). After doing so, one must place an {{Archive Box}} on the top of the page.

When to archive?

32kb or more is a good time to archive. It is not a standard to archive at such point.

Archiving guidelines

  • Archive only inactive discussions. Consider moving relevant sections out of an archive should a topic get discussed again; avoid discussions on archives.
  • Personal attacks can be immediately archived if there is no ongoing discussion about them occurring on the page.
  • After archiving, add a visible link on the original talk page to the newly created archive.
  • Explain that you're archiving in the edit summary.
  • An archived talk page is still a talk page. All relevant guidelines still apply.
  • Users should not archive talk pages in the user spaces of others without permission.