This is the requests for user rights page, on which users may request to become a chat moderator, rollback user, administrator, or bureaucrat.

All of these rights should be held by active users who are involved in the community, have a good knowledge of wiki markup and know their way around a wiki. They should be helpful to new users, be experienced in fighting vandalism and be approachable.

Any active registered editor can vote in user rights requests or nominations, and community consensus is needed for all requests. Each user may vote once in each request or nomination.

Rules and Regulations
  • After sufficient time has passed to allow all users who wish to express an opinion the chance to do so, a decision will be made based on community consensus as to whether or not the request will succeed. Once a decision has been made, the discussion will be archived and moved to an appropriate subpage.
  • Selections of sysops are not a simple vote count, or majority opinion.  Users who wish to be promoted should demonstrate a steady commitment to this wiki, and be able to point to reasons that the sysop tools would allow them to do better editing.
  • Only active, editing users should vote on requests for user rights.
  • Candidates should describe why the wiki should want them to be sysops, not why they want to be sysops on the wiki.
  • When supporting or opposing a candidate, give good reasons.  Comments that describe in detail why the candidate should/should not become a sysop carry far more weight than simple support/oppose.  Also, support comments that reference only edit count carry almost no weight in the selection process.
  • Rollback status is not required for a successful RfA, but is highly encouraged.  However, users who only want sysop tools for quick reverts of vandalism will be refused and directed towards the appropriate request.
  • Upon request, a prospective sysop may be given a scenario and asked his/her opinion on how s/he would handle it.
  • If a user has been blocked for any reason (except an IP auto-block or a wrong button click), s/he must wait a period of at least four months from the expiry of his/her ban until s/he may even be considered for adminship.  Even after this time period has passed, the user should be prepared to answer questions about his/her block.
  • For users that have had previous unsuccessful RfAs and are planning to open a new one, consider the reasons that the previous nominations failed. Has anything changed about you that would make a new nomination successful?
Chat Moderator

Chat Moderator is simply used for Special:Chat. It allows users to kick/ban users in chat who are disrupting the channel through spamming or personal attacks. It also allows user to add or remove the Banned From Chat right as well. Users should only be nominated for this right if they are consistently in chat and find users who abuse the chat.


The rollback button allows users to revert vandalism fast, by being able to revert all of the edits by one user on one page, back to the last revision by another user. This right can be easily abused, so a user must have 100 article edits to request it. Users are able to request rollback rights without the need for a community vote.


Administrators have many abilities, including being able to block users, protect and delete pages, edit the MediaWiki namespace, hide revisions and log summaries and more. To file a request for adminship, or to nominate a user for adminship, both you and the person that you are nominating must have at least 400 edits. The more edits you have, the more it shows your dedication to the Donkey Kong Wiki and thus it makes it more likely for your request to pass.


Bureacrats have administrator rights, and on top of that, are able to grant any of the user rights listed here. Bureaucrat nominees must already be administrators.

Current requests

Below is a list of all of the current nominations. To vote in a nomination, click the link and enter the following text under the appropriate heading on the page: # Reason for supporting/opposing. ~~~~. Rollback requests have Request for Rollback/ before the username of the person nominated, and administrator requests have Request for Adminship/. To refresh the list below, click here.

Last Edit
Request for Adminship/PegasusMan03:20, November 9, 2015
Request for Chat Moderator/PegasusMan23:42, September 4, 2015
Request for Bureaucrat/Haunted33017:17, August 31, 2015
Request for Adminship/Conker's Bad Fur Day00:43, August 2, 2012
Request for Rollback/MrSmartyMax22:34, July 3, 2012
Past requests

Below is a list of all past requests.

Last Edit
Request for Bureaucrat/Conker's Bad Fur Day19:54, June 26, 2012
Requests for adminship/Technology Wizard21:09, October 23, 2011
Requests for adminship/Slipknot Darkrai21:08, October 23, 2011
Requests for adminship/HavocReaper4821:06, October 23, 2011
Requests for adminship/Dr. Pain 9921:05, October 23, 2011
Requests for adminship/Doc King21:04, October 23, 2011
Requests for Adminship/Conker's Bad Fur Day21:03, October 23, 2011
Requests for adminship/Bullet Francisco21:01, October 23, 2011