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Donkey Kong Wiki is a collaborative project to create the ultimate source for information about the Donkey Kong series by Nintendo. That means we need your help!

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General information

  • Donkey Kong Wiki:About - A general overview of the site and its history
  • Donkey Kong Wiki:Policy - Some rules and guidelines that our users are expected to follow
  • Forum:Index - The main page of our forums, where you can chat and get to know other members of the Sonic News Network community

Who are our Admins?

The current active administrators are:

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How can you help?

The best way to help out is to create new content. If you know something about Sonic that we don't, add it! You can get a good idea of what we already do and don't have by browsing or searching our articles. If you find that we don't have a page for something and you think we should, then you can create one:

In addition, you can:

If you want to experiment with editing, use our Sandbox! There's always more to help out with, if you know where to look!