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Report vandals in the following section labeled for such reports at the top using {{IP|Username}}, where Username is the name of the user or the IP vandal's IP address.

To make a request, simply create a new section and write a neutral, precise summary of events with thought-out reasoning, and, if possible, links to any pages with relevant discussions. It's a good idea to give any users involved in the request a link to the page. All new sections go on the bottom.

Vandal reports

20:08, September 27, 2015‎ Stupidkong . (3,005 bytes) (+23)‎ . .( (this vandalization has been undone)

11:11, September 18, 2015‎ Onehates9GAG . (10,478 bytes) (0) . . ( (this vandalization has been undone)

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