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This following article lists all of the glitches in Donkey Kong Land III.


Jetty Jitters Demo[]

In the stage demo after the Bonus Stage soundtrack plays on the title screen, a demo of Jetty Jitters is shown. It is normal until Kiddy hits Klasp and then when Dixie comes on screen, she makes unpredictable movements until hitting a Kobble and dying. This glitch only happens in the Game Boy Color version and not the Game Boy version.

Koin Glitch[]

This glitch returns from Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. In this glitch, Dixie and Kiddy must stand far away from the Koin after throwing the Steel Keg as far as possible, but still see him on-screen. Then the Steel Keg bounces off a wall and onto his back, defeating him. This glitch can be done in all of the stages.

Lurchin Glitch[]

In Ugly Ducting, it is possible for Dixie and Kiddy to defeat a Lurchin when it is touching the surface by jumping on it.

Lag Glitch[]

Returning from Donkey Kong Land 2; this glitch happens when falling a far way down, making the game mistake it as falling down a pit. This glitch only happens in Redwood Rampage and Clifftop Critters. This is only in the Game Boy version though.