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Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
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Platform(s) GameCube, Wii
Release Date(s) GameCube
USA December 18, 2004
Europe Feburary 4, 2005
Japan March 1, 2005
Japan December 11, 2008
USA May 4, 2009
Europe June 5, 2009
Australia June 18, 2009
Genre(s) Platform
Ratings ESRB: E10+
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Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (ドンキーコングジャングルビート Donkī Kongu Janguru Bīto) is a game featuring the ape Donkey Kong and played with the DK Bongos. In 2009, the game was re-released in the "New Play Control!" series of revamped Nintendo GameCube titles. It has been reported that the Wii version of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is somewhat changed from the original GameCube version, including new levels, modifications of old levels, and traditional controls that have the player use the analog stick to move and the A button to jump, unlike the GameCube version which required the player to beat the bongos to do both. This was the first game to receive the E10 by the ESRB, a new rating they had created so that games slightly more violent than E rated titles could not get a T rating. Due to the change in developers, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat was very different than the Donkey Kong Country games in gameplay, characters, and, perhaps most notably, the personality of Donkey Kong, who is shown to be more aggressive than in past titles.


Story from the instruction booklet (GameCube):

Pound anything that gets in DK's way as he conquers the kingdoms and becomes the king of the jungle lands!!!

It was stated by game director Yoshiaki Koizumi in an interview in response to the game's minimal story that "The only thing Donkey Kong needs is to be the best, and to become the king of the jungle."[1]

An expanded storyline was added in the Wii re-release in 2009.

Story from the instruction booklet (Wii):

One day, the peace of the jungle was disrupted by a rampaging pack of wild baddies who wreaked havoc on the residents of the jungle.

Not only that, but they laid claim to every kingdom and stole each one's precious bananas!

"This calls for the one and only Donkey Kong!"

Join forces with your jungle buddies to face an army of powerful enemies and restore peace to the jungle!



Animal Buddies[]


Worlds, levels and bosses[]

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat video game print ad NickMag May 2005

2005 print ad.

Banana Kingdom[]

Orange Kingdom[]

Watermelon Kingdom[]

Apple Kingdom[]

Strawberry Kingdom[]

Pineapple Kingdom[]

Lemon Kingdom[]

Grape Kingdom[]

Cherry Kingdom[]

Peach Kingdom[]

Melon Kingdom[]

Durian Kingdom[]

Pear Kingdom[]

Lychee Kingdom[]

Chili Pepper Kingdom[]

Star Fruit Kingdom[]


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  1. NSider translation of an interview (original Japanese interview available here)