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Donkey Kong Jr. Math
North American boxart of the game Donkey Kong Jr. Math for NES.
Developer(s) Nintendo R&D2[1]
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Main Development Staff Executive Producer:
Hiroshi Yamauchi[2]

Masayuki Uemura[3]

Toshihiko Nakago

Yukio Kaneoka
Platform(s) Family Computer/Nintendo Entertainment System,
Nintendo Wii,
Nintendo Wii U
Release Date(s) Famicom/NES
Japan December 12, 1983
USA June 1986
Europe July 10, 1986

Nintendo Wii Virtual Console
Japan March 27, 2007
Europe April 20, 2007
USA September 3, 2007

Nintendo Wii U Virtual Console
USA August 28, 2014
Europe January 22, 2015
Japan April 15, 2015
Genre(s) Platformer, Educational
Ratings N/A
Mode(s) Single player,
Multiplayer (2)
Media(s) Famicom/NES ROM Cartridge[4]
Input(s) Famicom/NES Controller

Donkey Kong Jr. Math (ドンキーコングJR.の算数遊び, Donkey Kong JR.'s Math Play in Japan) is an educational platformer game developed by Nintendo R&D2[1] and released by Nintendo in Japan on December 12, 1983 for the Family Computer, and later, in North America and Europe in 1986 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was the second game to feature Donkey Kong Jr.


Donkey Kong Sr. (later known as Cranky Kong) will hold up a sign, and Donkey Kong Jr. must find the numbers and math sign to get to that number. Once this is done, the player who finds the answer first will be given a point. Oddly there were two Donkey Kong Jr.s in this game. Pinkly Kong is controlled by the second player and possesses a pink palette swap.


Donkey Kong Jr. + Jr. Sansū Lesson[]

An earlier version of the game was released first only in Japan in September 1983 as part of a collection called Donkey Kong Jr. + Jr. Sansū Lesson for the Sharp C1 Famicom TV[5]. This version possesses some differences and lacks some content when compared to the single game version. The same collection also contains the game Donkey Kong Jr.

Animal Crossing[]

Donkey Kong Jr. Math was also recreated as an obtainable item in the game Animal Crossing for Nintendo GameCube. In order to get it in the North American version of the game, the player must enter the Tom Nook's store, speak to Tom Nook, pick the options "Other things" and "Say code", and input "bA5PC%8JUjE5fj ljcGr4%ync5EUp". A couple in-game days later, a letter written by Tom Nook will be delivered to the player. Attached to it, there will be a present containing a NES console and the game cartridge for Donkey Kong Jr. Math as a single item. By the player setting the item on the ground and interacting with it, the game can be played.

Other means of getting the game Donkey Kong Jr. Math randomly are winning it as a prize in the Tom Nook's Lottery, purchasing the item at the Crazy Redd's store, and finding it as a buried item by other Villagers.

Virtual Console[]

The game Donkey Kong Jr. Math was available on the Nintendo Wii via the Virtual Console in Japan on March 27, 2007, in Europe on April 20, 2007, and in North America on September 3, 2007. However, the service was discontinued on the Wii in January 2019, making impossible to purchase the game afterwards.

The same game was later also released in the Virtual Console for the Nintendo Wii U in North America on August 28, 2014, in Europe on January 22, 2015, and in Japan on April 15, 2015.



To hear the soundtrack for Donkey Kong Jr. Math, see Donkey Kong Jr. Math/Soundtrack.


  • Earlier during development, the game Donkey Kong Jr. Math was called Donkey Kong Jr. Math Lesson (ドンキーコングJR.算数レッスン, Donkī Kongu JR. Sansū Ressun) in Japan. Later, the name was changed to Donkey Kong Jr.'s Math Play (ドンキーコングJR.の算数遊び, Donkī Kongu JR. no Sansū Asobi).
    • In fact, the former name was used in the game collection Donkey Kong Jr. + Jr. Sansū Lesson.

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